Start Your Future Green Energy Journey at 2021 Ou River Summit

2021 Ou River Summit

It is our honor to invite you to attend the “2021 Ou River Summit – 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Energy Internet Innovation” (the “Conference”) to be held on July 9th and 10th, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. Themed “Digital Energy, Smarter IoT” the Conference will gather over 800 thought leaders of government sectors, representatives of industry associations, academic leaders, and entrepreneurs.

July 9 (Friday)

OURS. IoT Sensor Tech

Aiming to promote the exchange and progress of international sensing technology, improve the level of integration and application of technology and scenarios, and boost the construction of a new ecosystem of innovation and development.


A theme expo park featuring the IoT solutions in industrial and energy applications. Join us online to experience the ever-lasting technology feast.

OURS. Automated Factories

As one of the first three leading automated factories in Zhejiang Province, you will have a panoramic experience of the industrial Internet platform in the field of energy and power created by integrating the latest digital technology, and will appreciate the new blueprint of intelligent manufacturing to promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

OURS. 100 Forum

Aiming to gather the top industry experts and business leaders in the field of industrial and energy Internet. It will collide with the most cutting-edge viewpoints, and empower the innovation and development of industries, localities and enterprises.

July 10 (Saturday)

OU. River Summit

As the “pearl” of this summit, OURS. will focus on industrial and energy internet innovation, work together to discuss the best solutions to achieve the strategic goals of ” Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Carbon Neutrality” and “Digital China”, and release the Oujiang consensus to the world.

OURS. Green Energy

Experiencing the idea collision with KOLs of “governments, enterprises and universities”, learning about the latest trends and achievements of green energy development from the perspectives of energy supply, consumption, and ecology.

OURS. Smart Power

Comprehending the new situation, new challenges and new opportunities faced by China’s power companies in the process of promoting a new type of power system with new energy as the main part under the trend of digital transformation.

OURS. Intelligent Manufacture

Exchanging the best application cases of smart factory innovation and development with industry experts, scholars, and business leaders, exploring the new model of “Industrial Brain + Automated Factory”, cultivating new engines of the industry, and promoting the digital upgrade of the entire industry chain.

OURS. Smart City

Following the rhythm of the “city lifeline”, you will discuss with industry leaders how to create a smarter, low-carbon, and energy-saving future urban life.

Ou River Summit 2021
Ou RIver Summit 2021

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