What Is an Air Pressure Switch and How Does It Work

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An air pressure switch is a vital device present in all-electric models. Pressure switches are used majorly in many applications in industries and manufacturing units. In the following paragraphs, we shall study the air pressure switch and its working mechanism. We can also learn about the use of them and how to adjust air compressor pressure switches.

The below details may enhance you to learn a lot about air pressure devices further. You can also make use of the details below to update you on how to test air pressure switches. You may become a master after reading the below details on air pressure.

What Is an Air Pressure Switch and How Does It Work?

An air pressure switch is a mechanical device that depends on pressure for controlling the electric air compressor’s operation process. The air pressure circuit mechanism of the device sends power to the motor to function. The air compressors’ pressure switch has a pressure switch relief valve. 

This valve helps the machine for easier starting without any hassle by relieving head and line pressure. There are different air pressure switches available, and each one differs in working features. However, the basic operation of switches remains the same for all devices.

Once the air compressor is plugged in, the person in charge can move the level to auto position. Due to this action, the motor starts, and at the same time, the compressor is pressurized. As a result, a pressure system is reached in the device. 

Due to this pressure set, a diaphragm inside stops the motor by breaking the circuit. Simultaneously, back pressure escapes out through the pressure relief valve. Because of the air used for the process, the pressure drops to a specified level. Again, the motor starts once the contacts close. This process continues until the air compressor is in use.

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What Is a Pressure Switch Used for?

The air pressure switch is used in many industries for various applications. The air pressure switch is used to provide electrical feedback by measuring the rise and fall temperature of the systems.

The air pressure switch finds its use in various industrial control systems. The following are some of the systems where you can find air pressure switches.

Compressed air systems

We have already explained above the functioning of the air compressor system. Asides from the above details, you shall understand the importance of the pressure switch here. It is because the compressor function does not touch the height you expect if the pressure switch does not work well.

HVAC equipment

Both heating and cooling features are provided by HVAC equipment which you can find in residential and commercial buildings. The pressure switches are present in HVAC equipment for safety purposes. In the HVAC equipment, the air pressure switches help in detecting maximum and minimum set points. You can find the feature in air conditioning systems. 

This feature helps the system to start or stop based on the setpoint level. Yes, you shall lead a hassle-free functioning of the HVAC system because the pressure switch helps the system to on and off automatically. If the air pressure switch does not work properly, the status of the heating and cooling system does not remain good and it works worse.

Process equipment

Air pressure switch is widely used in manufacturing sectors. The air pressure switch helps industries and manufacturing sectors achieving goals without any gap. The efficiency of production in any manufacturing sector is achieved by the pressure switch. Yes, the switches ensure a constant gas and fluid supply for the continuous working of the systems in the industries.

Pumping system

Ensuring the water level in the pumps is the main function of air pressure. Due to the pressure switch, water pumps get activated and deactivated depending upon the set points.

How to Adjust the Air Compressor Pressure Switch?

The air compressor pressure switch adjustment features are always available insider the cover. Sometimes, you shall not have the instruction and so following the below instruction is fine.

Clockwise or counterclockwise turning of primary spring for increasing or decreasing cut in or cut out settings is the prime adjustment instruction. The differential in the air compressor can be increased or decreased.

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How to Test Air Pressure Switch?

Testing air pressure switch involves the following steps. They are

  • The prime task to test the pressure switch is to disconnect the power first. You can disconnect by unplugging the breaker.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the cover of the switch. Try removing the center screw for the task.
  • Blue or brown wires that run from switch to terminal block have to be cut. However, the black and white wires that are meant for power purposes should not be cut.
  • The next step is to give pressure to switch by using pressure-producing sources.
  • The next step is placing ohm meter leads to the loose wires. Close the switch during air application. Ohm meter shows zero ohms after switch closes thereby indicating the good status of air pressure.
  • Finally, the pressure switch is adjusted by using the set-point screw.


The above details of the air pressure switch help you to understand how it works and is used. Also, you would have gained a lot of details about adjustable air compressor pressure switches. The information given above may yield better results whenever you are happened to work with pressure switches in your field.

Many industries and manufacturing sectors require technicians of pressure switch operators. You can tap the chance for your lucrative career by knowing the techniques. You shall also understand the uses of pressure switches in the appropriate systems stated above. This would give you a deep insight into the applications of the pressure switches to your core understanding.

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