Brazil’s Goiás State Delegation Visits CHINT

Brazil's Goiás State Delegation Visits CHINT

The Goiás State delegation from Brazil, led by Governor Ronaldo Ramos Caiado, recently toured CHINT’s facilities to explore the forefront of intelligent manufacturing. This visit follows President Lula’s April trip to China and takes place against the backdrop of the 6th CIIE, reflecting the state’s commitment to harnessing China’s manufacturing progress and market openness.

CHINT, a global smart energy solutions proider, hosted the delegation with top executives including Nan Cunhui, Chairman of CHINT Group, and other high-ranking officials. The visitors experienced CHINT’s intelligent manufacturing prowess firsthand, from their cutting-edge showroom to their production lines, where they witnessed smart energy solutions in action.

The showroom impressed the delegation with its integration of digital and intelligent power systems across various industries, highlighting CHINT’s role in ensuring robust industry power systems.

The visitors also engaged in in-depth discussions at CHINT’s Intelligent Electrical Experimental Center and transformer manufacturing base, gaining insights into the company’s R&D and manufacturing advancements.

Otávio Lage de Siqueira Filho, a Brazilian entrepreneur, expressed his astonishment at CHINT’s innovative technology, acknowledging its significant contribution to Brazilian industry and agriculture.

Otávio Lage de Siqueira Filho Brazilian entrepreneur

The visit also culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), setting the stage for CHINT’s smart electrical, green energy, and smart city projects in Goiás. The MoU focuses on establishing a collaborative investment framework to foster project cooperation and technological exchange, with the intent to boost local industry and innovation.

Nan Cunhui remarked on CHINT’s deep involvement in green and smart energy sectors and its readiness to strengthen bilateral ties, enhance interconnectivity, and elevate cooperative efforts.

pivotal overseas extension of CHINT International

CHINT Brazil, a pivotal overseas extension of CHINT International, has spent over two decades cementing its presence in Latin America. It has spearheaded several photovoltaic projects, aligned with major agricultural entities, and introduced competitive offerings.

Looking ahead, CHINT Brazil aims to leverage its comprehensive platform to further penetrate the market and support local power infrastructure and green energy transitions.

Lily Zhang, President of CHINT Electric, expressed CHINT’s aspiration to extend their technology and solutions globally, fostering substantial cooperation with international partners and seizing new growth avenues in the evolving economic landscape.

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