CHINT Chile San Andres Hydropower Station Connected to Grid

power station equipment

Starting from June 2020, the reconstruction project of the 220kV Los Corrales substation in Chile has started, and CHINT is responsible for the supply and installation of a complete set of power station equipment.

The San Andres Hydropower Station is located in the Chilean Andes Mountains. It is covered with snow all year round, and the terrain is complex. The operating altitude reaches 3,000 meters, which brings great challenges to the cold resistance, transportation, and installation of our products.

the power station has been successfully connected to the grid

In order to minimize the transportation risk, CHINT logistic team inspected the site three times and cooperated with customers to clear and reinforce dangerous spots before transportation. In the end, it took one day and night to overcome many difficulties and successfully escorted the product from the port to the site.

At present, the power station has been successfully connected to the grid and put into use. The one-year construction period is not short, and every day, we are in full swing to built the power grid in the snow-capped mountains.

Whether in the desert or in the snow-capped mountains, where there is electricity, there are people from CHINT. We are striving to connect the world with electricity and are committed to sending electricity to every corner of the world.

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