Market Introduction of China’s Current Photovoltaic Industry

China's Current Photovoltaic Industry

In order to cope with global warming and the increasing depletion of fossil energy, the development and utilization of renewable energy has received the attention of the international community, and the vigorous development of renewable energy has become the consensus of all countries in the world. 

With the advantages of safety, reliability, non-pollution, no geographical restrictions, high energy quality; short construction cycle and other advantages of the photovoltaic industry is becoming the trend of social development.

Photovoltaic industry, as an industry emerging based on the demand for new energy, is the high point of future global competition in advanced industries. China has introduced a series of initiatives to promote sustainable cost reduction and efficiency in the photovoltaic industry, and the scale of silicon wafer production capacity in 2019 has accounted for more than 80% of the global proportion.

Concentration in China's PV Industry Continues to Rise

Concentration in China's PV Industry Continues to Rise

Asian industry with a high degree of technology, the concentration of leading enterprises in the main raw material chain with the highest production capacity has reached 75.9%, and they cover many aspects of upstream, midstream and downstream. 

These leading enterprises have both capital and product advantages, and their complete industrial chain and manufacturing capacity can rapidly expand production to increase market share. In the monocrystalline wafer segment, for example, Longi and Zhonghuan’s two monocrystalline leaders have increased their shipment share from 56.5% in FY15 to 89.8% in FY18.

China's Leading Companies Have A HighShare of Export Business

China's Leading Companies Have A HighShare of Export Business

With the rise of the photovoltaic industry, the technical difficulty of conquering, domestic module equipment in the price end has a greater advantage, shorter delivery cycle, more timely service response. 2019 China’s photovoltaic module industry CR5 market share of 42.8%, in addition to power measurement equipment, China’s photovoltaic module equipment to basically achieve import substitution and outward export stage.

At this stage, the performance of domestic enterprises in overseas is divided into two categories,the first category is the domestic head customer-oriented enterprises such as TRINA, and the second category is the export-oriented enterprises.

The leading export-oriented manufacturers have significant advantages in overseas channel construction due to their complete capital and industrial chain and high export business ratio. 

Observe the domestic leading module manufacturers export business ratio, JINKOSOLAR, TRINA, JA, AT&S, ORIENT SUNRISE and other export business accounted for more than 60%, LONGYI components capacity release in the fourth quarter, the annual export accounted for a relatively low.

China's Current Photovoltaic Industry

From the average export price, the average export price of the leading enterprises are higher than the average export price, showing that the leading enterprises overall overseas channel construction advantage is significant, and enjoy a certain brand premium.

Photovoltaic modules are an important part of the production of photovoltaic power generation systems and photovoltaic application products. After years of development, the scale of China’s photovoltaic market has entered a stage of continuous expansion, and the export business of photovoltaic modules is on an obvious upward trend, with leading competitiveness in the international market.

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