Countdown 2 Days! Highlights and Agenda of CHINT at MEE2022

Highlights and Agenda of CHINT at MEE2022
Middle East Energy Exhibition

Started from 1975, the Middle East Energy Exhibition has been rated as one of the world’s five major industrial events. It is a highly influential professional electric power and energy exhibition in the Middle East and even the world. This time, with the theme of Digital Decarbonization for A Green World, CHINT will display our innovations in energy industry with integrated solutions of power generation, storage, transmission, distribution and consumption.



  • New Products Debut of the Whole Industry Chain
  • Senior experts interpret CHINT’s new products & unlock the latest industry solutions
  • Multi broadcast platforms take you to understand the latest CHINT trends online.
  • Star top booth represents the combination of universe and various energy, delivering the latest CHINT vision for sustainable development


March 7th

UTC+4, 14: 00 - 14: 20 Topic: EnergiX Series Switch Board.

  • Latest LV switch-gear assembly conforming to IEC standards
  • Tested by DEKRA UAE+EU
  • High Separation Form: 4b, offer high electrical safety
  • High ambient Temperature: 50℃, suitable for hot areas in the Middle East and Africa
  • High IP Degree: IP54, perfect operation in wet and dusty environments

UTC+4,14: 30 - 14: 50 Topic: Low Voltage Products and Systems

  • Complete LV Portfolio: controls, contactors etc..
  • ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs
CHINT Solar Solutions

March 8th

UTC+4, 14: 00 - 14: 20 Topic: CHINT Solar Solutions

  • Overlook of the Global Solar Market
  • CHINT Global solar products, advantages and performance
  • CHINT Solar Project Cooperation Model
  • CHINT Solar Case Study sharing

UTC+4, 14: 30 - 14: 50 Topic: CHINT RMU New Product Launch and Power T&D Solutions

  • RMU + Insulator 33kV/13.8kV new product launch
  • Latest T&D products introduction
  • CHINT T&D case study sharing


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