CHINT Attains Elite CMMI Level 5 in Software Excellence

CHINT Attains Elite CMMI Level 5 in Software Excellence

Recently, Zhejiang CHINT Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd. successfully passed the Software Development Maturity Capability CMMI DEV V2.0 Level 5 assessment and obtained the certification certificate. 

This achievement indicates that CHINT Instrument & Meter has reached the highest international standards in software capability maturity, software research and development, service delivery, and project management.

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is an evaluation and certification system developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. It is an authoritative standard for measuring the maturity of capabilities and project management levels in software enterprises. 

Among these, Level 5 of CMMI is the highest level of assessment within this system. It represents the most demanding requirements for management maturity in the international software industry and is the most challenging level to achieve. It is also the highest form of certification in terms of standardization, regulation, and maturity. 

The assessment team, based on the latest CMMI model standards, conducted a comprehensive examination and evaluation of CHINT Instrument & Meter’s research and development and quality management systems. Eventually, they determined that CHINT Instrument & Meter’s R&D, delivery, and other aspects all meet the high maturity norms and requirements of CMMI, achieving quantified project management and continuous improvement, thus granting the CMMI Level 5 certification.

Based on the CMMI Level 5 model standards, CHINT Instrument & Meter independently developed the U-NET dual-mode communication network-based energy data platform. This platform enables comprehensive monitoring of energy flow, energy-saving and carbon reduction in parks, Source-Grid-Load-Storage (SGLS) management, and advanced applications like digital twins. 

In business scenarios such as smart campuses, smart industrial parks, smart water affairs, and smart street lighting, CHINT provides high-quality solutions for customers. The overseas new-generation energy management system platform, PowerEasy AMI 2.0, supports automatic data collection of water, electricity, and gas. 

This platform uses IEC international communication protocols and interfaces, greatly enhancing system interoperability and meeting the overall solution applications and digital grid upgrade requirements of various types of overseas customers.

CHINT Instrument & Meter has been deeply engaged in the field of energy measurement and management for nearly 30 years. Adhering to technological innovation, the company always upholds the principles of high efficiency, high quality, and high standards, integrating these into the entire process and all procedures of product development. 

CHINT continuously optimizes the operation of software projects, constantly providing users with intelligent and innovative full-range measurement products.

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