CHINT Attended 20th ESG Anniversary, Building ESG Ecosystem


On 24th June 2024, Ms. Zhang Zhihuan, Director of CHINT Group and President of CHINT Global, was invited by Shanghai International Training Centre of UNITAR to attend the celebration of “Commemorating the 20th anniversary of ESG terminology and 2024 OUR ESG DAY Carnival” held in Shanghai World Financial Center. The Carnival was jointly organized by UNITAR Shanghai International Training Centre, Shanghai Research Centre for the Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises, Galapagos Academy, CDP Global Environmental Information and Research Centre, EY China, BDO, and a number of domestic and international outstanding enterprises including CHINT were invited to participate. High-level opening speeches, insightful keynote speeches, far-reaching signing sessions, and resonating roundtable forums were the highlights, showcasing the latest development trends and practical achievements in the ESG field.

ESG Anniversary

Against the backdrop of severe challenges such as extreme climate change and the shortening of global supply chains, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has become a key tool for listed companies to enhance their market presence and expand their business footprint. It is not only a key force in dealing with the new order of globalization, but has also become an important standard for measuring the overall performance of companies. On the environmental perspective, companies need to focus not only on their own environmental protection measures, but also actively contribute to energy consumption, carbon emissions and resource management; on the social perspective, it is important to focus on employee rights and interests, community relations and supply chain management to enhance social responsibility; and on the corporate governance perspective, it is crucial to establish a transparent and efficient management structure to ensure fair and transparent corporate governance.

As the only representative of electrical and new energy companies invited to give a keynote speech, Ms. Zhang Zhihuan, Director of the CHINT Group and President of CHINT Global, spoke on the topic of “Practicing Sustainable Development is the Essential Question for Corporate Globalization” and shared her insights into CHINT’s exploration of ESG practices and experiences, integrating ESG into the business so that ESG continues to contribute to the development of the company, and promoting internationalisation by leveraging the pulling effect of ESG. Ms. Zhang Zhihuan said that as a leading global provider of intelligent energy system solutions, CHINT has always been a pioneer, explorer, and practitioner of green and low-carbon development, and has actively integrated ESG into its business and corporate development strategy to help companies go overseas from “scale priority” to “high-quality development”. In addition, CHINT’s Director of Public Relationship, Mr. Gu Hao, shared with the heads of CDP, Sustainalytics, SEDEX and other organisations, as well as representatives from Zijin Mining, Dun & Bradstreet and other companies in a round-table forum at the conference that CHINT has made significant contributions to the global community through the construction of its own sustainability system, the provision of green and low-carbon products and solutions, compliance management, the enhancement of employee satisfaction, and global CSR initiatives, MSCI, EcoVadis, etc. continuously and proactively respond to relevant requirements and demands.


Ms. Zhang Zhihuan introduced CHINT’s experience in building up the advantages of the whole chain to continuously empower global partners with safer, greener, more convenient, and more efficient energy, and to help industries develop in a green, low-carbon, and high-quality way. Focusing on the core businesses of green energy, smart electrics, and intelligent low-carbon industries, CHINT has formed an industry-wide competitive advantage, and continues to empower customers in various industries to decarbonize with green digital intelligence solutions. CHINT is also actively working with countries along the “Belt and Road”, not only becoming a global model of sustainable development with its green energy projects, but also establishing joint venture factories in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Thailand and other places through its global regional localization strategy. Relying on research institutes, manufacturing bases, and international logistics centers around the world, CHINT integrated system of international production, research, and marketing, and has demonstrated excellent global delivery capabilities while exploring overseas market.

In order to better co-ordinate and promote the work related to sustainable development, CHINT formally established the Sustainable Development Committee in 2024. As a leading company in the electric power and new energy industry, CHINT bears the responsibility of the industry and society, and is committed to sustainable development. At the “2023 CHINT Global Development Conference and the 10th International Marketing Conference (CIMF)”, CHINT and the international consulting organization A.T. Kearney, formally released the “CHINT Carbon Neutral White Paper” and the “Zero-Carbon declaration “, which declared that CHINT would focus on the wave of deep emission reduction and energy transformation, CHINT has set the strategic goals of achieving operational carbon neutrality (including carbon offset) by 2028; net-zero carbon emissions from operations and establishing a perfect carbon emission management system for the value chain by 2035; and net-zero carbon emissions from the entire value chain by 2050, and has made every effort to move towards the “Zero-Carbon Future” roadmap for development.


CHINT is deeply committed to the two business segments of green energy and intelligent electric power, and is actively constructing a new type of electric power system with new energy as the main body, leaving CHINT green footprints in a series of new technologies and application scenarios, such as “Green Source, Smart Grid, Reduced Load and New Storage”.


CHINT has also been awarded the “2023 Forbes China ESG Innovative Enterprise” for its continuous innovation and exploration in the ESG field, which has gained international recognition and provided a new development paradigm for consolidating the core competitiveness of enterprises and realizing the sustainability of the industry in the future. Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment officially unveiled the list of 2023 Green and Low Carbon Typical Cases, and CHINT was successfully selected by virtue of its excellent practice in the green layout of the whole industrial chain and in the field of energy-saving and carbon reduction, and it is the only selected unit in the enterprise category of Zhejiang Province, which is a model for the transformation and development of the industry.


OUR ESG DAY 2024, an event for the future of sustainable development, not only witnessed the glorious achievements of the global ESG sector in the past two decades, but also looked forward to the infinite possibilities of sustainable development in the future. As Ms. Zhang Zhihuan said at the conference, “ESG development today is very dynamic, today is a seed planted and we are waiting for it to sprout and bear fruit in the future”. Under the new development pattern and “dual carbon” background, ESG is not only a “soft power” for shaping brand image, but also a “hard standard” for promoting long-termism among enterprises. Looking to the future, CHINT will continue to adhere to the development concepts of greening, digital intelligence and low-carbonization, continuously improve its innovation, technology and competitiveness, drive the high-quality development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain with the advanced CHINT experience, it will also endeavor to provide effective reference for more Chinese enterprises to “go global” and contribute to the construction of a new pattern of global green energy.

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