Explore CHINT Brazil Overseas Business

CHINT Brazil Overseas Business

More than 20 years ago, CHINT first set foot in this remote country, Brazil, and began exploring the Latin American market. Today, with the deepening of localization, the improvement of brand strength, the establishment of overseas warehouses, and the effective expansion of channels, CHINT Brazilian team has the confidence and determination to pursue higher goals.

In the future, what is their planning position in the rapidly changing international market? How will we continue to win customers’ trust and achieve common development?

CHINT Brazil's overseas warehouse

Let's listen to the "overseas experience" of the CHINT Brazil team

The effective development of leading large wholesalers, the links with big agriculture, the launch of more competitive products, and the precise positioning of the market and target customers are the highlights of the channel transformation of CHINT Brazil in recent years.

According to Shan Hao, the national manager of CHINT Brazil, CHINT team has successfully reached cooperation with group A, one of the main channel wholesalers in Brazil, and signed a long-term cooperation agreement after continuous development since 2021. Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, the group has channels over all major cities in Brazil with the cooperation of its domestic regional logistics centers

CHINT Brazil team

In the field of big agriculture, CHINT has successfully broken through the two giants of J group, the largest international meat and food processing giant in Latin America, and K. W. group, an internationally famous agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturer, and established high-quality cooperation with them. In addition, the key industries with great potential represented by data centers, housing (Infrastructure) construction, generator set, mining, and so on have not been developed.

No matter how the external situation and business model change, the only constant for the enterprise is “customer-centric and creating value for customers”, conducted by CHINT Brazil team by consolidating product competitiveness, improving service satisfaction, and promoting the construction of a digital operation management platform.

The warehouse covers an area of 2000 square meters

In order to meet the needs of customers, CHINT continues to provide more competitive electrical products to the Brazilian market. New series such as NXB-63C 3KA, RCBB NL1 100A, and DZ158 70/90A have been launched in the local market. On this basis, CHINT Brazil subsidiary continuously improves the price system, accurately segments the market and focuses on customers.

CHINT Brazil’s overseas warehouse landing in April this year has proved CHINT’s confidence in local and long-term development.

The warehouse covers an area of 2000 square meters and is located in Sao Paulo, the largest city and industrial center in Brazil, which greatly expands the logistics distribution and improves the regional order fulfillment ability. The Brazilian subsidiary launched a digital management system to realize the one-stop management from order to financial data integration, improving operation efficiency and reducing business risks. The localized after-sales center will also be officially opened in the near future.

Explore CHINT Brazil Overseas Business

It is a long journey to push localization development.

“Localization” is not simply “moving” CHINT’s series of plans, programs, systems, and management concepts overseas, but actively changing ideas and learning how to better understand and integrate Chinese traditional culture and CHINT culture from the perspective of overseas local culture. It is a systematic and long-term transformation and adaptation process with both challenges and opportunities.

“We have a ‘small goal’: by the end of 2024, we will strive to build CHINT Brazil into a localized comprehensive platform with completed sales services, technical design and support, manufacturing, regional logistics, after-sales operation and maintenance, project investment and financing and other functions.”

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