CHINT Brazil Won the First HV Arrester Project

High-voltage surge arresters

High-voltage surge arresters are a kind of electrical equipment used to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from damage caused by lightning overvoltage, operating overvoltage, and power frequency transient overvoltage, which fundamentally ensures the safety and reliability of the power transmission and distribution process. It is an indispensable solid “guardian” in power grid construction.

CHINT Brazil quickly responded to the local market demand, upgraded its product portfolio, and developed the blue ocean market of components based on the supply of high-voltage transformers. Recently, CHINT Brazil won the bid for the high-voltage surge arrester and NG7 inflatable cabinet project for the first time in the local market.

In order to successfully bid, CHINT quickly set up a cross-departmental project team to investigate the historical bidding information, dig deep into the needs of customers, and completed the preparation of the bid in only one week. Finally, with the advantages of product differentiation and price, CHINT won the bid successfully.

CHINT Global has been deeply involved in the Brazilian market for many years, adhering to innovation, closely following the market trend, constantly developing differentiated products and system solutions, and contributing to the power construction in Brazil with greater enthusiasm.

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