CHINT Helps Build Huaneng UK 99.8MW Minety Project

CHINT Helps Build Huaneng UK 99.8MW Minety Project

On December 15, CHINT was invited to attend the online commencement ceremony of battery energy storage project of British Stonehill (Minety phase II) developed by China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd.

Previously, CHINT provided a complete set of transformer products for phase I Minety project, which won the trust and recognition of Huaneng Group with high-quality products and professional services.

online commencement ceremony

After the completion of Minety battery energy storage project, it will mainly participate in peak shaving and frequency modulation, fast frequency response, black start, capacity market and other services in the UK power market, which will help improve the UK Power Grid’s ability to accept renewable energy, effectively improve the resilience of the local power grid to cope with peak and valley shocks, improve the operation safety and stability of the power system, create jobs and contribute taxes for the local power market, bringing good social and economic benefits.

cooperation between China and the UK

The designed installed capacity of Stonehill project is 49.9 MW and the energy storage capacity is 99.8 MW. During this cooperation, CHINT products will play an important role in transformer guarantee in Minety phase II battery energy storage project and jointly help the rapid layout and development of Huaneng battery energy storage project in the UK.

As a demonstration project of cooperation between China and the UK in the field of new energy, Stonehill project was listed as one of the 18 projects supporting green and low-carbon development in the UK at the UK Global Investment Summit, which will provide important support for the stable operation of West London power grid and help the UK achieve the goal of “2050 net zero emission”. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that these projects are the beginning of the establishment of a new partnership for green growth in Britain.

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