CHINT Helps to Build a World-class Hydro-solar Hybrid PV Station

CHINT Helps to Build a World-class Hydro-solar Hybrid PV Station

Recently, CHINT Solar won the bid for the first phase of the 523.1MW Yalong hydro-solar Hybrid project. The project will be the first million-kilowatt photovoltaic power station in Sichuan and the largest hydro-solar hybrid power station in the world. More than 900,000 ASTRO 5 double-sided double-glass modules (182) will be sent to Sichuan, capture the splendor of light on the vast plateau and convert it into clean energy power to help the China’s west-to-east power transmission strategy.

The hydro-solar power station is located as high as 4,000 to 4,600 meters above sea level, with an extreme lowest temperature of -30.6°C and a maximum snow depth of 24 cm. The high-altitude and cold environment place more stringent requirements on the reliability and environmental adaptability of photovoltaic modules. 

The winning ASTRO 5 double-sided double-glass module (182) was sent to PVEL, an authoritative third-party laboratory, for strict reliability testing. Hundreds of thermal cycle experiments and wet freezing experiments were performed in an extreme temperature environment of 85 °C, and the excellent low attenuation rate of less than 2% was still maintained, and the “Top Performer” test result was obtained.

Top Performer

The clean energy resources in the Yalong River Basin are uniquely endowed by nature, and it is a unique and rare high-quality super-large and complementary basin clean and renewable energy base in China. After the completion of the water-light complementation project between the two estuaries of the Yalong River, it will become the world’s highest-altitude water-solar complementation integration demonstration project.

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