CHINT Cable’s New Export Record for Chinese Cable Enterprises

CHINT Cable's New Export Record for Chinese Cable Enterprises

CHINT Global is the birthplace of 100-million-yuan orders. It harvested its 1st 100-million-yuan order in 2009. In the field of cables, after the Electricity of Cyprus (EAC) 110 million yuan of medium voltage buried cables project in the early 2021, the second order in the same market and the same year exceeded 100 million yuan in November.

The Cyprus orders have high process requirements and many technical difficulties, which put forward strict requirements for quality control. In addition, affected by the continuous rise of sea freight this year, CHINT Global’s bidding scheme was always unable to achieve the expected optimal standards at the beginning. 

Nevertheless, CHINT Global, together with CHINT cable team, devoted itself to product R&D and optimization, successively overcome multiple technical problems and realized all new functions required by customers. Finally, CHINT Global ranked first and successfully won the order.

CHINT continuous supply performance in Cyprus

In the field of medium and low voltage cables, at present, CHINT, the only Chinese enterprise, has a continuous supply performance in Cyprus. 

The successful signing of the project has deepened the close cooperative relationship with the local power bureau, consolidated the market position of CHINT cable products in Cyprus, further improved the image and share of CHINT products in the international market, and laid a new milestone for CHINT cable to expand the European market.

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