CHINT Carbon Neutrality White Paper

CHINT Carbon Neutrality White Paper New

Global warming is intensifying, making carbon neutrality an urgent priority. In the face of the severe impact of global warming, carbon neutrality has become a universal issue, crucial to the fate of humanity.

CHINT is steadfast in its commitment to sustainable development, incorporating the national “dual carbon” goals into our corporate strategy. We have set our own objectives for carbon neutrality, tailored to the specific conditions of our company. CHINT is dedicated to contributing its strength towards achieving China’s carbon neutrality targets.

The Ideal Path to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality means controlling the carbon emissions generated by human economic activities to ensure they remain within the ecological system’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide.

China's Carbon Neutrality Goals

Implementation Roadmap

In view of China’s current industrial structure and technological development, a feasible path to carbon neutrality is mainly based on reducing carbon emissions, supplemented by increasing carbon sequestration.

CHINT's Objectives Following the "Dual Carbon" Strategy

CHINT's Objectives Following the Dual Carbon Strategy​

CHINT's Exploration to Empower Carbon Neutrality across Sectors

CHINT is actively building a new power system based on new energy resources. By developing new technologies, applications, and business models in four core areas – green energy, smart network, load reduction, and energy storage, CHINT supports China’s efforts to realize the overall targets of “dual carbon”.

"Green Energy" - develop clean energy, with PV as focus

For power generation, CHINT has been developing various clean energy resources, such as photovoltaic, biomass, wind power, and CCHP.

"Smart Grid" - new power grids powered by intelligence

For the granular management of power distribution, CHINT provides smart IoT power distribution platform, which integrates power distribution products, power quality products, smart meters, sensors, and smart terminals to realize comprehensive sensing, data integration and smart application in distribution grids. 

The platform solution enhances the stability and flexibility of the power grid, bringing higher capability of renewable energy consumption. It enables enterprises to acquire reliable electricity supply with lower cost less carbon emission.

"Load Reduction" - end-user energy efficiency management system and end-to-end control of carbon assets

CHINT provides customers with high-quality regional energy solutions aiming at minimum carbon emissions. In line with local energy policies and natural resource endowments, solutions adopt a multi-energy complementary system to provide end users with energy services including heating, cooling and power supply. The system is based on new energy structure, with low dependency on fossil fuels.

When examining the sources of carbon emissions, the electricity, industrial, transportation, and construction sectors are the four largest contributors, together accounting for over 90% of total emissions.

In response to these key industries, CHINT has taken the lead in introducing “Energy Replacement” and “Clean Replacement” initiatives to accelerate the decarbonization process in these critical sectors. The two replacement strategies are expected to contribute to an 80% reduction in emissions.

Application of CHINT's Energy Efficiency Solutions in the Industrial Sector
Application of CHINT's Energy Efficiency Solutions in the Transportation Sector

"New Storage" – Storage technologies for higher usability of new energies

CHINT’s energy storage technology and system solutions cover new energy consumption, user-side peak load shaving, power-generation-side ancillary services, and microgrids.

Empowering the world is not only a value that CHINT consistently adheres to but also a primary path to reducing carbon emissions. In the future, CHINT will actively practice the concept of sustainable development. Relying on its core technology innovation capabilities and intelligent products, CHINT will continue to promote industrial green and low-carbon transformation, contributing to the achievement of the “dual carbon” goals.

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