CHINT & Carmehil Group Partner to Grow in Ceará Market

CHINT & Carmehil Group Partner to Grow in Ceará Market

The CHINT Brazil team established a strategic partnership with Carmehil and other key clients during the first half of this year. In addition, they completed training for their sales and technical staff, paving the way for CHINT’s ongoing expansion in the Ceará market. 

CHINT and Carmehil Group recently hosted their inaugural industry promotional event focused on low-voltage products in Fortaleza, Ceará’s capital. Both teams collaborated seamlessly, delivering a professional event attended by over 60 participants.

CHINT highlights the powerful synergy

CHINT’s Latin American operations primarily encompass low-voltage channels and industries, power transmission and distribution equipment, and photovoltaic new energy sectors.

Considering the local market and customer needs, the Brazil team has intensified its localization development strategy and integrated a customer-centric approach across all aspects of customer engagement, collaboration, and service. This partnership with the Carmehil Group signifies the debut of the CHINT brand in Ceará and lays a strong foundation for its expansion in the Brazilian market.

The Carmehil Group ranks among the top clients in Brazil’s electrical market. Their partnership with CHINT highlights the powerful synergy between both parties in the low-voltage domain, showcasing confidence in future collaborations.

CHINT remains dedicated to providing reliable products and cost-effective solutions, earning accolades and appreciation from the market and customers alike. This year, CHINT aims to establish Brazil as a model region for Latin America, further broadening its business footprint and achieving lasting, stable growth in the Brazilian market.

CHINT's long-term growth in the Brazilian market

It’s worth noting that CHINT’s development in the Latin American market has gradually matured, with the quality and cost-effectiveness of its products and solutions garnering high praise from customers. 

In the Brazilian market, CHINT’s Brazil team has proactively developed its business, maintained strong cooperation with local clients, and continuously enhanced its services to boost customer satisfaction. The strategic alliance with the Carmehil Group will augment the synergy between the two organizations, promoting CHINT’s long-term growth in the Brazilian market and offering local customers superior products and services. 

Moving forward, CHINT will persist in embracing a customer-centric approach, deepening its commitment to localization strategies, and contributing to the sustained development of the Latin American market.

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