The First CHINT Cup Golf Game Was Successfully Held

First CHINT Cup Golf Game

Hosted by the General Chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai of Thailand and sponsored by CHINT Globalthe first CHINT Cup Golf Invitational Tournament was held at Riverdale Golf Club in Bangkok, Thailand on December 18. H.E.

Supachai, second vice speaker of the house of Lords of Thailand, Fang Wenguo, former overseas Chinese counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in the kingdom of Thailand, and the Chinese Funded Chamber of Commerce, and various Chinese funded chambers of Commerce participated in it.

The activity has built a good communication platform for Chinese and Thai traders, allowing elites and entrepreneurs to have a half-day off, get close to nature, and fully enjoy the charm of golf.

Li Dexing, Zheng Miaojin, Wang Junmin, Liu Hongwei and other outstanding entrepreneurs from the field of Sino Thai Trade gathered in Bangkok with the elite of the chamber of Commerce to exercise, exchange their ideas and enhance cooperation opportunities in an elegant green environment.

It can be felt that Mr. Liu Hongwei, a dealer of CHINT in Thailand, loves golf from the bottom of his heart. He believes that anything will get positive returns through hard work and continuous practice, not only playing golf, but also the enterprise.

CHINT Cup Golf Invitational Tournament

With development opportunities brought by the “One Belt & One Road” initiative, CHINT set up a solar power plant in Thailand, which coincides with the Thailand Eastern government’s “EEC” Eastern Economic Corridor.

Chinese companies that “go global” such as CHINT not only connect with the global market and participate in global factor allocation, but also promote the development of relevant upstream and downstream industries in countries and regions along the ” One Belt & One Road ” through their own efforts, and truly benefit local people’s livelihoods.

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