CHINT Egyptian Factory Capital Increases by Another $4 Million

CHINT Egypt Office

CHINT Global’s Egypt factory increased its capital by the amount of USD 4 million for the planned expansion of the new plant. This reflects CHINT’s confidence in the local market and is an important step for CHINT Global to promote overseas localization strategy, which is conducive to the company to fully grasp the development opportunities, continue to deepen the local market and further expand the brand influence.

From the initial annual sales of a few million dollars to today’s annual sales are expected to break new heights, CHINT Global Egypt factory took less than 5 years to achieve nearly 20 times growth. Behind this, the advanced management mode of the manufacturing base is inseparable. For example: in talent management, the Egyptian factory breaks the local solidified management structure, introduces the domestic advanced human resource model, and adopts a ladder-type graded incentive mechanism to allow capable young people to take up management posts.

This is also the third capital increase of CHINT Global Egypt factory since the establishment of the factory in 2017, and the total registered capital has increased to USD 9 million. With the double certification of “Strength + Capability”, the Egyptian factory is gradually transforming from a “production and processing base” to a “service-oriented platform” with an increasingly wide radiation range and strong carrying capacity. It is gradually transforming from “production and processing base” to “service platform”.

CHINT Global Egypt factory

With the increasing degree of localization, CHINT has started to participate deeply in the new energy business in Egypt.

In recent years, thanks to the production capacity, supply chain and other advantages, CHINT Global won the bid for the “three new cities” in Egypt, the new capital CBD project, the new Alamein substation project, the new Montsoula infrastructure project, etc., will successively provide customers with a series of low-voltage control boxes, lighting boxes, intelligent control cabinets and other products and supporting services to help. 

The company will provide a series of products and supporting services such as low-voltage control boxes, lighting boxes and intelligent control cabinets to help the construction of infrastructure and high-end business buildings in the “three new cities”. In addition, the company also entered the “agricultural network transformation decent life” project in Egypt with its strength.

CHINT Global Egypt factory

In this context, the expansion of production lines and the construction of new plants are inevitable choices.

CHINT Global Egypt factory general manager Dr. Jiang Tao said, “From scale to brand is the inevitable trend of global layout, in the future, we will strive to attack the high-end market, change the market pattern, and take advantage of the whole industry chain of electricity to enter the high-voltage market, master the core technology, and provide more comprehensive supporting services for customers.”

The factory capital increase is just the starting point, and there is no end to customer service. With a capital investment as a guarantee, CHINT Global Egypt factory continues to improve various service functions in daily operation, set up operation and maintenance team and after-sales service center, improve the accuracy of various services in Egypt factory with more advanced management methods, and increase the training of local talents to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing base.

From building the PV EPC benchmark project to deepening the intelligent electrical market and upgrading the localized manufacturing base, it fully reflects CHINT’s attention to the Egyptian market. Construction of an important link, CHINT will take this factory capital increase and expansion as an opportunity to promote the manufacturing base to upgrade the functions and services, to provide customers with more comprehensive power system solutions, and to help the ancient civilization to glow with new glory with intelligent energy.”

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