CHINT Electrics Honored as Top Employer in China 2024

Today, the “Top Employers China 2024” list, one of the most influential annual selections in the global human resources field, was officially announced by the Top Employers Institute. CHINT Electrics has once again been honored with this accolade. This repeated recognition reflects the high regard from various sectors of society for CHINT Electrics’ achievements in corporate culture, employee development, and talent strategy, signifying a new level of strength in the CHINT employer brand.

The evaluation of China’s Top Employers assesses candidates comprehensively across six major human resource areas including talent strategy, work environment, diversity, and inclusivity, covering 20 topics in depth to fully evaluate the human resource management level and strength of participating companies.

CHINT consistently implements the business philosophy that “human resources are the primary resource of the enterprise.” Adhering to the talent strategy of “Positive Action Leads to a Promising Future,” CHINT has been constructing a diverse talent team, implementing digital talent training reforms, and refining its talent management strategy. These efforts continuously improve the talent reserve and training mechanisms, aiding efficient talent development and fostering a new chapter of mutual growth for employees and the enterprise.

In response to the trend of digital transformation, CHINT is deepening its talent strategy with a digital intelligence upgrade. Using digital tools, CHINT is empowering talent development and building a hub for digitally savvy personnel. Through clearly defined strategies like talent profiling, effective training, and sustained promotion, CHINT plans to train 5,000 digital talents within the next five years. These talents will actively participate in digital transformation projects within their departments, across the company, and the entire group, injecting robust momentum into the enterprise’s digital transformation and building sustainable competitive advantage in talent.

CHINT Global

Currently, CHINT has successfully established a standard system for digital management, application, and technical talents, and completed the design of digital standards and course maps for seven key lines. This top employer focuses on digital open courses and special training camps, having trained 2,180 people to date. Under the requirements of digital capability standards, CHINT will continue to perfect its training mechanisms, sustainably advancing digital transformation, growing together with its employees to seize the opportunities of the times, creating a vibrant digital culture, and promoting high-quality enterprise development.

Strengthening the talent pipeline for the future, alongside CHINT’s “One Cloud, Two Networks” strategy and digital transformation, continuous talent empowerment and building a well-rounded and resilient talent team are key focuses of human resource work. Relying on five professional training centers and the Zhipei Cloud platform, CHINT closely integrates training project planning, learning path design, and training operations with corporate strategy and business needs, providing systematic and effective support for achieving strategic goals, addressing business pain points, and supporting continuous employee growth.

Employee Training

Focusing on management cadres and young key personnel, CHINT, based on annual 360° evaluation results, meticulously designs programs around key capabilities such as global thinking, change management, and leadership. By incorporating core courses like team collaboration and coaching leadership, CHINT achieves comprehensive improvement strategies, both internally and externally, fully unlocking the potential of management personnel. Simultaneously, aiming to cultivate outstanding young reserve forces, CHINT innovatively adopts a “script murder” format for project design, assisting young employees in rapid development through on-the-job experience and general skill coaching. This practical talent strategy continually revitalizes management cadres and adds momentum to reserve leaders, laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development.

As a top employer, CHINT actively creates a diverse and inclusive corporate culture, gathering elites from various fields to stimulate employee potential and build a diverse talent team. In this open, connected, cooperative, and win-win work atmosphere, every employee finds a sense of belonging and identity, along with vast development opportunities and abundant career resources. CHINT believes that every employee can shine in their role.

CHINT Global

To further enhance employees’ understanding of diversity and inclusivity, the top employer CHINT conducted a series of annual talks and festive celebrations in 2023. Trendy formats and rich interactive experiences bridged the gap between employees and the company, further promoting workplace diversity integration. Additionally, CHINT has created columns like “Shining She” and “Senior Alumni Talks,” sharing real and interesting workplace stories through short video interviews on online media channels. These initiatives spark discussions on workplace topics, encouraging employee exchanges and sparking their talents and values. This deepens CHINT’s culture of diversity and inclusion, invigorating the company with limitless energy.

People-centric and responsible, CHINT values every employee’s growth and development, recognizing and rewarding their efforts and contributions. In the future, CHINT will remain focused on nurturing talent and exceptional growth, deepening human resource policies and practices, and achieving an even more diverse, open, energetic, innovative, and cooperative corporate development ecosystem.

The renowned top employer CHINT welcomes more professional and young talents to join us!

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