CHINT Enters the Colombian Highway Administration Business

CHINT Enters the Colombian Highway

After nearly a year of continuous efforts, from system design, proposal development, supplier selection, and prototype delivery to the final bid, finally, in October 2021, the CHINT Latin American team was awarded the first road lighting equipment supply contract in the Colombian market. Nearly 2,000 sets of photovoltaic street lamps will be supplied to be used in the construction of the 4th generation highway network in Colombia.

CHINT’s strategic position in Colombia covers the entire power industry business such as low voltage, medium voltage components, instrumentation, and clean energy. The contract was won because of decades of dedication and experience in equipment supply, general contracting, investment, and financing in the power and energy sectors.  

In addition, the advantages of close collaboration and resource sharing among CHINT’s International departments have been fully demonstrated in this project. The sales team cooperated with the product management team and the procurement team around the clock to produce the output according to the customer demands. 

They found timely solutions to technical problems quickly and continuously provided technical support for several months. Through the time-tested “Iron Triangle” work model, the project was successful due to the company’s strength, research and development capabilities, customer response, and teamwork.

At present, with the continuous success of Colombia’s economic recovery plan, there will be more infrastructure requirements that match CHINT’s business area. CHINT is committed to continuously providing value for customers based on the existing low voltage, power transmission, distribution, and instrumentation businesses.

CHINT has developed multi-dimensional services in the clean energy fields such as off-grid energy storage systems and photovoltaic power stations. It will continue to provide high-quality clean energy products and services to Colombia and the world to achieve the goal of “Zero Carbon Emissions”.

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