Boosting Green Energy Development: CHINT Exhibit In HM 2022

Hannover Messe in Germany

Hannover Messe in Germany, the global industrial technology “wind vane”, was held from May 30 to June 2. CHINT, the world’s leading provider of smart energy solutions, presented 10 products and solutions, which covered new energy, green and environmentally friendly smart transformers, and smart buildings, at the Energy Solutions Pavilion (H11.C30).

Centered around new energy and the entire industry chain, CHINT shared its practices and exploration in the fields of “greenenergy “, “smart grid”, “load reduction”and “new energy storage”, with the purpose of promoting sustainable development through CHINT solutions to achieve green energy transformation on a global scale.

“CHINT is about green development and the forefront of carbon emission reduction in the electricity and energy sector. After all these years, CHINT has accumulated and established a great number oftop clients and a rich set of user scenarios to rapidly perceive and capture changes and new demands in markets and clients,” said Lily Zhang, CEO of CHINTElectrics.

Boosting Green Energy Development

In 2021, CHINT and BYD’s energy storage project orders were successfully delivered, and these two partners joined together to serve the new energy market in the UK. During that year, CHINT’s Saudi Arabia smart meter project delivered more than 500,000 smart circuit breakers to local areas. CHINT Cambodia developed off-grid photovoltaic systems in local areas, providing electricity to local areas using thousands of off-grid photovoltaic installations.

CHINT has always been a strong player in the green energy industry, fully meeting customer needs, and exploring a green,highly efficient, environmentally friendly sustainable path of development. Lily Zhang believes that “through a trade exhibition platform as important as Hannover, clients from more than 140 different nations and regions around the world have joined with CHINT to engage in discussions and exchanges.

CHINT continues to explore integrated energy services

The cooperation formed between CHINT and international partners is full of endlesspotential and will help to drive low-carbon transition for the global electricity industry, enabling development in global green energy.”

CHINT’s solutions are aimed at energy transformation to help bring about global climate objectives. At the 4-dayexhibition, CHINT’s exhibit featured 8 technical marketing events delivered inonline/offline mode, sharing CHINT’s new products and solutions.

CHINT Exhibit in HM 2022

CHINT shared photovoltaic solutions by having their European team put on a show for theaudience so they could experience CHINT’s new energy solutions and photovoltaic applications across large-scale ground, industrial, commercial and residential fields. This showcased the attraction of the innovative “photovoltaic+” model.

CHINT also shared its CHINT Smart City energy-saving, low-carbon, interconnected and efficient solutions to the audience. Meanwhile, CHINT’ssmart terminal molded case circuit breakers, Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD), and a number of new products took center stage, showcasing the company’sstrengths in smart manufacturing.

CHINT solutions

The energy revolution must happen and green development has celebrated considerable support. CHINT continues to explore integrated energy services to continuously build the Internet of Things ecology for the energy sector, aimed at gradually enabling a green development system for the industry which encompasses new energy, smart electrical, energy efficiency management, energy storage, smart power station operation and maintenance, smart cities, and smart manufacturing. To date, CHINT has built 600,000 household photovoltaic rooftop power stations, providing a total of 8.3 billion kWh of green electricity across the whole country, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8.26 million tons.

green electricity

In the future,CHINT will continue to drive industry transformation through innovation, actively develop smart energy, and build a new power system using new energy. At the same time, CHINT has taken full advantage of this international exhibition platform to open its global hot spots and is using the CHINT solutionsto help drive structural energy optimizations and realize green and low-carbon transformation in the global energy industry.

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