CHINT Exhibits at Intersolar South America

CHINT Exhibits at Intersolar South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil–CHINT, the leading global provider of smart energy solutions, exhibited at the 2022 Intersolar South America held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 23-25, 2022.  CHINT displayed its 8 industrial solutions covering new energy, smart grid, data center, and smart water, aiming to promote the energy reform and smart city construction in Latin America with its synchronized development across the power industry chain.

2022 Intersolar South America

“As the world is striving to achieve carbon neutrality, renewable energy has gained a strong momentum in Latin America and the Arabian countries. Green energy and smart power are key to the local energy transformation. On the occasion of this year’s Intersolar South America, CHINT will showcase its rich local management experience in fields of new energy and smart power, share insights with industry insiders, provide partners with carbon reduction solutions, so as to jointly support the development of the power industry in Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean, and promote the global energy transformation,” said Lily Zhang, CEO of CHINT Electrics.

At the exhibition, CHINT displayed more than 10 series of products and carbon reduction solutions, including new energy and smart power, in 8 zones. Relying on the whole-industry-chain system of power transmission and distribution, CHINT’s data center solution is able to guarantee high safety, low energy consumption and high efficiency of the project, and ensure stable access to municipal power. 

At the same time, CHINT provides innovative smart solutions that leverage the medium and low-voltage power distribution system in the smart power distribution system to ensure the reliable operation of all electrical equipment and systems in the data center. What’s more, 7/24 services are available to ensure the safe operation of the data center. During the 3-day exhibition, CHINT held 5 activities focusing on themes such as photovoltaic solution and energy efficient building solution to engage power industry insiders from Latin America in the discussion on CHINT’s power products and solutions.

Jackie Xiang, General Manager of CHINT Latin America, said, “The design of CHINT’s booth at the exhibition highlights the theme of digital intelligence and carbon control. CHINT is committed to promoting environmental protection with the company’s own industrial strength, and serving the energy needs of Latin America with the company’s versatile solutions across the whole power industry chain. We look forward to further exchanges and cooperation with potential partners at the exhibition.”

Jackie Xiang, General Manager of CHINT Latin America

Brazil is an integral part of CHINT’s global footprint. With more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian market, CHINT now has obtained all the required resources from power equipment, solution integration to EPC financing, with its businesses now spanning from low-voltage channels and industries, power transmission and distribution equipment, to photovoltaic new energy. 

At the same time, CHINT has established a nationwide sales network and a localized operation team in Brazil to better serve customers. In 2022, the Brazil warehouse was officially opened to build a supply chain service platform and improve customer satisfaction. 

So far, CHINT has engaged in the construction of a number of power projects in Brazil, including photovoltaic projects and power transmission and distribution projects. In the future, CHINT will further strengthen its brand image, accelerate market expansion, promote digital and smart transformation in the industry, while continuing to improve localized operation and empower the energy construction in Latin America!

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