CHINT Exhibits At World Gas Conference 2022 Held In Korean

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From May 23 to 27, 2022, the 28th World Gas Conference (WGC 2022) was successfully held in Daegu, Korea. In 1931, the World Gas Conference was first hosted by the International Natural Gas Union (IGU). At present, it has become the largest and most important global natural gas industry event in the world.

In this exhibition, thousands of industrial and political leaders in the gas field, as well as well-known exhibitors of natural gas-related industries gathered together to show cutting-edge applied technologies, discuss the role of natural gas in a sustainable future, and shape the global energy agenda.

CHINT Global instrument team

CHINT Global instrument team showed up at the exhibition site with the latest products and solutions, and vividly showed the successful cases of the CHINT gas cloud platform, gas pipe network safety monitoring solution, ultrasonic intelligent gas meter to the audience.

CHINT gas cloud platform

At the opening meeting, Yoon Seok-youl, South Korean President, pointed out that a stable energy supply is a huge driving force to promote a country’s economic development.

Today, energy has become an important factor in promoting world economic growth. It can be said that sustainable growth and future development depend on energy policies. All parties should strive for change and innovation to significantly reduce carbon emissions or hydrogen energy transformation.

CHINT Global instrument team
smart and clean energy in Asia.
World Gas Conference 2022

Under the tide of global green energy, all parts of the world are actively developing the power industry, with rapid growth momentum. CHINT, based on the world gas conference in Daegu, South Korea, will work with local partners to explore the Asian market and contribute to smart and clean energy in Asia.

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