CHINT and FFI: Powering Australia’s Green Energy Leap

CHINT actively participates in local council activities

CHINT has reached an agreement with Future Industries (FFI), a renewable energy company under the Australian mining giant, Fortescue Metals. This collaboration will provide an electrical equipment supply solution for the power distribution system at FFI’s Queensland electrolyser factory, including transformers, dry transformers, ring network cabinets, and other electrical equipment. 

The project is currently in the performance stage, with CHINT successfully completing the design of the relevant electrical equipment and gaining customer approval, laying a solid foundation for future sustainable cooperation between the two parties.

Australia is committed to transitioning from a fossil fuel-exporting country to a green hydrogen-exporting one. In this context, FFI initiated the green hydrogen electrolyser factory project. Once completed, the project will not only be the largest electrolyser facility powered by green energy in the world but will also become a new pollution-free green manufacturing center, creating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in the Queensland area.

Construction commences on world-leading electrolyser facility
Fortescue Future Industries
*Construction commences on world-leading electrolyser facility in Gladstone, Queensland | Fortescue Future Industries

CHINT was successful in signing this “all-renewable green energy” project, thanks to its deep cultivation in the Australian market. Through years of efforts in Australia, CHINT has built a solid foundation in the power transmission and renewable energy sectors, accumulating significant project experiences and market basis.

The CHINT team highly values the face-to-face communication opportunities with local customers. During the discussions, the CHINT team addressed customer needs and issues, conveying CHINT’s commitment to localization and presenting targeted, efficient solutions.

CHINT offered a comprehensive electrical equipment supply solution for customers, including equipment supply, on-site third-party installation and debugging, and transportation within Australia. This plan, breaking away from traditional port-delivery supply methods and adopting destination delivery, provides one-stop comprehensive service for customers, winning their praise.

CHINT establishes contacts with customers
*CHINT actively participates in local council activities and establishes contacts with customers

Moreover, for the electrical equipment required in this project, CHINT has the advantage of a short delivery period. It has overcome the complicated supplier audit process to become the only shortlisted Chinese brand, successfully opening the door to the Australian green energy industry’s power transmission and distribution market.

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