Report of CHINT for the First Three Quarters of 2023

Report of CHINT for the First Three Quarters of 2023

Gather wisdom and play a leading role, work together for common development, and enlighten the future.

On the evening of October 30, 2023, the report for the first three quarters of 2023 was released. We are committed to integrity and innovation, pursuing steady growth for future prosperity, and opening up a new blue ocean of “digital and intelligent carbon peaking and carbon neutrality,” moving forward to realize the grand blueprint of becoming a world-famous one-stop supplier of low-voltage electrical appliances, new energy products and system solutions.

●Financial results overview:

Financial results overview:

January-September 2023:

  • Operating revenue is [5.83] billion USD, up [21.70] % year-on-year;
  • Non-deductible net profit of [407.58] million USD, up [10.53] % year-on-year;
  • Total assets [15.73] billion USD, up [10.32] % year-on-year;
  • The net assets attributable to shareholders of listed company reached [5.21] billion USD, up [4.99] % year-on-year;
  • R&D Investment is [112.76] million USD, more than [480] million USD for three years;
  • New authorized patents [619], including invention patents [64], new international invention patents [21], cumulative application patents over [8,000], authorized patents over [6,000]

Important Points:

The 2023 CHINT Global Development Conference and the 10th CHINT International Marketing Forum (CIMF) themed “Empower a Boundless Energy World” was opened.

At the site, experts and scholars from more than 60 countries around the world, as well as CHINT’s overseas customers and partners, discussed the future of the industry. CHINT officially announced the White Paper on Carbon Neutrality of CHINT Electrics and released a roadmap for carbon neutrality.

CHINT’s efforts on secure guarantee for the Asian Games.

Carrying on the Tradition | Private Sector ExceIlence Representative Nan Cun hui Passes the Torch in Wenzhou


Sports | Smart Lighting llluminates the Asian Games Venues

Food | The Light of EIectricity Carries Forward the Taste of China

Accommodation | Creating a New Experience for Living in the Asian Games Village

Transport | Safeguarding Asian Games Transportation at AII Times

Remote Viewing | 5G Communication Witnessing Victory Moments

PoIIution Control | It practices the green and energy-saving concept of the Asian Games

The 24th AESIEAP Conference co-hosted by Association of the Electricity Supply Industry of East Asia and Western Pacific and China Electricity Council was held in Xiamen. Han Zheng, Vice President of the State, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

More than 2,700 representatives from AESIEAP member countries and regions, as well as global energy and power enterprises, industry organizations, technical equipment manufacturers, scientific research and consulting organizations, and other related service providers attended.

As a world-renowned provider of smart energy solutions, CHINT attended the conference under the theme of “Low-Carbon Energy, Move Forward With Wisdom” to discuss with industry customers on the issue of the green, low-carbon and sustainable future of energy and power.

During the conference, Nan Cunhui, Chairman of Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech, and CHINT and China Electricity Council has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement.

The 24th AESIEAP Conference

Chairman's speech:

In the first three quarters, by adhering to the original intention and going ahead regardless of turbulent conditions, CHINT joined hands with partners for co-innovation and win-win situations. While making solid strides in high-quality development, we continued to promote the Digital CHINT Matrix Project and the regionalized development with global coverage. 

We have also formed a two-wheel-driven science and innovation incubation mechanism, featuring openness, synergy and innovation. With the vigor and perseverance of racing against time, we have achieved growth in both revenue and non-deductible net profit, giving a great boost to the high-quality development of the enterprise.

On the “new track,” where the digital economy and green and low-carbon industries are developing rapidly, CHINT, taking the new requirements of green, digital and low-carbon development as the starting point, will continue to forge ahead by building on and consolidating our strengths, complementing our weaknesses and developing new capabilities. 

We will maintain our momentum in leading the transformation and upgrading of the new electrical energy industry, and consolidate and enhance our leading position in industry-wide integration. We are committed to pursuing our sustainable development in the context of the convergence of digitalization and reality, and to seeking long-term development in the midst of the energy revolution, with the hope of continuously shaping our new drivers and advantages!

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