CHINT First Three Quarters Report of 2021

CHINT First Three Quarters Report of 2021

CHINT Electrics (stock code: 601877), a listed company of CHINT Group, released the First Three Quarters Report of 2020 on Oct. 29th. 

First Three Quarters Report of 2020

Founded in 1997, CHINT Electrics has been a leading enterprise in low voltage and new energy. A leading global provider of smart energy solutions.

chint solid growth

Solid Growth of Business Performance

On the evening of October 29, CHINT Electrics released the first three quarters report of 2021.


  • Revenue: 4.48 Billion USD
  • Same Period of 2020 3.63 Billion USD ,
  • Year-on-Year Growth 23.25%
  • Net Profits Attributable to Shareholders 484.53 Million USD
  • Same Period of 2020 476.25 Million USD,
  • Year-on-Year Growth 1.74%
  • Basic Earnings per Share  0.20 USD per share

Steady Increase in Asset Scale


  • Total Assets  13.47 Billion USD
  • Same Period of 2020 10.82 Billion USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth  24.46%
  • Net Assets Attributable to Shareholders 5.00 Billion USD
  • Same Period of 2020 4.67 Billion USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 6.91%

Low-voltage Business Increased Steadily


  • Low-voltage business revenue 2.54 Billion USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 14.92 %Rapid Growth of Industry Direct Sales

Rapid Growth of Industry Direct Sales

  • Q1-Q3 Revenue of Industry Direct Sales 367.81 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 64.61%

International Business Continues to Expand

  • Revenue of International Business 305.93 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth  49.21%

“Blue Ocean” Action Leads to Channel Update

The provincial coverage rate of the sales company exceeds 50%, the prefecture and municipal channel coverage rate reaches 93%, and the district and county level coverage rate exceeds 84%

chint household pv

Household PV Leads the Industry Market


  • Revenue of Household PV Business 556.25 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth  201.71 %
  • Net Profits: 82.81 Million USD
  • Same Period of 2020 32.81 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 153.01 %
  • Q1-Q3, household installed capacity 4.3 GW.
  • (Deducted 488MW sold to state-owned power generation group)
  • It has generated  3.15 Billion kwh of electricity and provided services to more than 500 thousand households
  • Under the background of promoting the policy of the whole county, cooperation agreements were signed with governments at all levels, involving an installed capacity of 3.62GW
  • The cooperation mode with state-owned and central enterprises was innovated. The stock power generation system sold 488MW, with a transaction volume of 281.34 million USD.
chint steady progress

Steady Progress in New Energy Business


  • Revenue of New Energy Business 2.01 Billion USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth  34.96%
  • Net Profits: 171.09 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 26.1%
  • 1.5 GW centralized power station, 1.4 GW industrial and commercial distributed power station, generating 2.14 billion kWh from the beginning of the year to the end of the reporting period.
chint chariman speech

At present, implementing the new development concept and doing a good job of carbon peak and carbon neutralization are gradually integrated into the overall situation of economic and social development. 

Building a new power system with new energy s the main body is an inevitable requirement to achieve the dual carbon goal. Adhering to green and low-carbon development and encouraging the application of intelligent, clean and energy-saving technologies are effective ways to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization. 

CHINT will take advantage of the trend, cooperate with ecosystem partners to vigorously promote the innovation and breakthrough of solutions and technologies such as industrial Internet platform and advanced manufacturing technology,”photovoltaic + energy storage” green energy and distribution network digital technology,zero carbon village,and strive to play an active role in drawing a high-quality development picture of ecological priority,green and low carbon to explore a new path of common prosperity in helping rural revitalization!

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