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CHINT Global Exhibition
CHINT Global Exhibition Gallery

Last week, CHINT participated in the offline Exhibition for the first time in Chile and conducted an on-site display of electrical solutions for mining customers. At present, the epidemic situation in Latin America is still severe, but there are still a large number of participants at the exhibition. Many customers have expressed strong concern and interaction about the solutions displayed at CHINT’s booth.

CHINT participated in the offline Exhibition in Chile

From October 20 to 22, CHINT attended the 2021 Columbia Photovoltaic Exhibition, which was the first offline exhibition attended by CHINT in Colombia this year. The epidemic situation in Colombia is still severe, so the even combines online and offline formats. Two technical webinars are given about high-voltage electrical solutions and new energy solutions to local customers, as a new way to bring in perspectives and choices for local electrical construction and energy.

CHINT attended the 2021 Columbia Photovoltaic Exhibition

From October 6 to 8, CHINT Solar participated 2021 Intersolar Europe with Astro 6, Astro 5S and N-type components. Among them, the Astro 6 series components and N-type component products on display made a strong debut as the “first-class” product, attracted much attention on the scene and became the “pronoun” of high-energy optimization.

CHINT Solar participated 2021 Intersolar Europe

On October 18th, the 16th Asian Solar Innovation and Cooperation Forum opened at Hangzhou International Expo Center. CHINT Astronergy residential photovoltaic system solutions were unveiled at the exhibition and won China Distributed Photovoltaic Innovation Brand, 2021.

Chint won China Distributed Photovoltaic Innovation Brand

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