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CHINT Global Metering Team

The overseas business expansion of CHINT Global metering team has always been very challenging: jet lag, fierce global competition in the Red Sea, language barriers etc. However, the team still made rapid progress. The EV-01 project broke the market monopoly, and CHINT has thus become a core manufacturer in the international smart meter market. Since 2018, it has received orders of more than 50 million dollars.

The CHINT Global metering team accurately grasps customer needs, and all the practice is customer-oriented: solve customer difficulties and think about customer worries, and upgrade from providing components to providing overall solutions, opening up a new channel in the global smart meter market.

We are Always on Site

The pandemic has blocked circulation and has set an invisible wall between market demanders and service providers. As the global market generally slows down its response speed, CHINT has chosen to go “retrograde”. “What we provide is not just products. Whenever customers encounter difficulties, we are always on site!” said the person in charge of the CHINT Global metering team.

In November 2020, Central Asia was bitterly cold under the pandemic. The local power bureau reported that due to the lack of experience, the success rate of meter reading in certain areas was less than 80%, expecting that the CHINT team could investigate these remote mountain villages. The CHINT Global metering sales and R&D teams immediately went to the customer, and checked various problems such as the on-site power grid environment and the communication quality of testing equipment; turning out the low reading rate was caused by unreasonable grid wiring or file errors, rather than a problem with CHINT’s products. CHINT’s professional service attitude for customers was highly praised by the local power bureau.

This “retrograde” team is still carrying out technical support and order implement tasks on the front line to solve various needs of customers. These team members, whose average age is less than 30 years old, said before leaving: “Thank you for the thoughtful arrangement of our company for providing us with complete back-up for this trip; also thank our family for their understanding and support so that we can travel without worry. On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention, we will go all out to solve customer’ on-site and production problems.”

Think for Customers, and Provide Thoughtful Service

Customer needs may change frequently in a short period of time, but CHINT’s “customer-centric” concept has been rooted in the mind and will never change.

In the EV-01 project, customers cannot fully understand the demand for electric energy meters, and CHINT provided 4 sets of overall plans for it with continuing communication. However, on the basis of 4 sets of overall solutions, customers once again put forward new requirements. “I am deeply impressed that after the third set of solutions was sampled, the customer suddenly raised the standard of the zero-line detection program.

After evaluation, it was found that CHINT’s immature and huge technical bottleneck zero-line sensing solution was required, and there was a certain degree of challenge.” The team leader from CHINT Global metering team recalled. Faced with the frequent changes of customers’ needs, CHINT took the initiatives to analyze standards, from development to design, constantly propose new solutions, and offer verified samples. In the end, it only took 3 months from demand communication, product development, and sample test to the first batch delivery.

This is not a sole case of CHINT’s service. Some overseas customers require CHINT to integrate and design the original on-site concentrators and meters with stable operation to new location according to the requirements of the customers. In order to meet this demand, CHINT has continuously developed and designed two sets of solutions and passed the on-site integration test.

CHINT To Help Customers' Need

It is worth mentioning that, in the process of continuously satisfying customer requirements and nonstop innovation, the product design of the EV-01 project is compatible with the needs of other neighboring countries, supporting international interconnection agreements and the original agreements in the market, which not only satisfies customers’ need of being compatible with the old products in the market, but also provides for sustainable upgrades and maintains technological advancement.

To Help Customers' Need, We Continue Making Breakthrough

Focusing on customer needs, the CHINT Global metering team has also launched an “iron triangle” customer service model that integrates sales, research, and production. All employees are linked to quickly respond to customers, accurately grasps the demand and continuously breaks through the technical bottleneck to realize fast delivery of orders.

In order to solve customer needs in real time, the “iron triangle” model of CHINT moves the functions of manufacturing department, testing department, quality department, production management department and other departments forward, maintaining close interaction and parallel development with each other. 

During the project process, the R&D department and production preparation will be carried out simultaneously, while maintaining close cooperation with the production management department to coordinate resources to complete batch production. When verifying the prototype, the testing department and the quality department will give priority to coordinate resources and jointly carry out related functions to maximize work efficiency.

In the current fiercely competitive “Red Sea” environment, customers need not only a single product or a single service, but an overall solution that can solve the problem. To this end, CHINT has established a new integrated delivery function module to connect the links between the system, concentrator, communication module and electric meter, and realize the overall solution 1+1>2, and use the system to drive products and expand market share. Currently, the team has successfully launched 4 industry-leading solutions.

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