“10+2” – New Layout of CHINT Global Overseas Warehouses

CHINT Global Overseas Warehouses

In order to deepen the globalization and to fight against the impact of uncertain factors such as the epidemic on international logistics, CHINT Global continues to build and optimize overseas logistics warehouses, improve regional order delivery capabilities, further expand sales channels and improve regional after-sales services. 

Recently, two new warehouses of CHINT Global in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam have been open for business.

Kazakhstan Warehouse

Since the establishment of the CHINT Kazakhstan subsidiary, CHINT has been vigorously promoting the construction of primary and secondary distribution channels and actively expanding industry customers. 

Before building warehouses, CHINT Kazakhstan relied more on logistics centers in neighboring countries or Xinjiang border warehouses, and was affected by the low number of China-Europe express railways and irregular port closures. The long logistics and transportation time and other unstable transportation conditions have always been a “pain point” of CHINT Kazakhstan. 

Almaty is located on the southeastern border of Kazakhstan, close to China and Kyrgyzstan. Its railway connects Siberia, Ural, Xinjiang (China) and other central Asian regions. It is also an important highway and aviation hub.

CHINT Kazakhstan Warehouse
CHINT Kazakhstan Warehouse

After the establishment of the warehouse in Kazakhstan, the transportation time of about 60 days in the past can be reduced to around 4 days, and the average logistics timeliness has increased by about 70%.” said the person in charge of CHINT Kazakhstan warehouse. 

While shortening the delivery period, Kazakhstan warehouse improves customer satisfaction, and increases the number of local dealers, realize the breakthrough of industry customers, and promote overall sales. 

Vietnam Warehouse

Vietnam’s local market mainly covers distribution channels, electric power bureau, telecommunications industry, construction industry and OEM. It is also an important overseas manufacturing platform for CHINT Sunlight in Southeast Asia.

In the past, although Guangxi warehouse provided warehousing services to the Vietnamese market, due to the unstable flight caused by the epidemic since 2020, it is “urgent” to set up a local warehouse in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minhport is located in the northeast of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam and the lower reaches of Saigon River, a tributary of the Tongan River, and it is the largest port in southern Vietnam. The Xinshan International Airport in HoChi Minh is an international aviation hub, which operates 24 hours. 

CHINT Vietnam Warehouse
CHINT Vietnam Warehouse

With the establishment of overseas warehouse in Ho Chi Minh City, CHINT will realize the domestic distribution within 2 days. Compared with the delivery from Wenzhou warehouse, the logistics timeliness will be increased at least 80%. 

The construction of local warehouses and the change of border warehouses to local warehouses realized rapid response to orders, increased the replacement rate of the CHINT brand in Vietnam market, and met the needs of end customers. 

At present, CHINT has built more than 10 overseas warehouses in the United States, Italy, India, Dubai and other places, covering North America, Europe, Asia and other regions. Relying on its excellent quality, CHINT has gone from “going global” to in-depth implementation of the “localization” strategy, focusing on building a global regional logistics warehouse and sales network construction, and establishing a management system that is in line with international standards and adapted to the local area. 

CHINT extend its experience in China to overseas, establish localized elite teams and senior sales teams, and gradually realize international R&D, production, sales, logistics and services.

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