CHINT India’s First Exclusive Retail Shop Opened

CHINT India’s First Exclusive Retail Shop Opened

Combining CHINT’s development strategy and precise insights into the local market, in September 2022, CHINT India set up its first official exclusive retail shop. Located in Uttaranchal, CHINT showcased its full range of low-voltage products with its North Indian market partners, explicitly concentrating on residential, industrial, and commercial buildings and industry-specific power consumption while sharing CHINT’s power solutions and achievements in smart cities, agricultural, and enterprise fields.

Mr. Shiv Arora, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Uttarakhand, said at the opening ceremony, “CHINT’s decision to open its first shop in Rudrapur shows that people here accept efficient, reliable, intelligent, first-class quality products and energy-saving technologies. We welcome more green businesses and businesses with sustainable value propositions.”

CHINT India’s First Exclusive Retail Shop Opened

As one of the fastest-growing regions in India, Uttarakhand continues to attract more and more international brands. As a world-renowned smart energy solution provider, CHINT has built the first local brand-exclusive retail shop through innovative business models, service methods and unique designs. 

Additionally, it created leading power products and technical services and provided the local area with smart power. Simultaneously, CHINT continues to pay attention to local public utilities, powering industries with their technology, stimulating the vitality of local core industries such as agriculture and tourism, and remaining the leader in the development of the power industry.

Nitheen Nataraja, Sales and Marketing Director of CHINT India, stated: ” It is a very proud moment for the entire CHINT India family to open our very first physical shop in Uttarakhand, India. We were always present through our dedicated dealers’ network, but the opening of the exclusive retail shop for CHINT products shows our commitment to serving customers here and our intention to have firm footsteps in this market. “

From employees to products, CHINT India has implemented localisation into practice. Regarding talents, CHINT’s Indian subsidiary has 20 employees, of which 90% are foreigners. At the same time, it continues to deliver technical knowledge to the Pan-Indian region through skills training, themed seminars, and other forms. 

CHINT India’s subsidiary is developing power products more suitable for the local area and has confidence in its R&D and manufacturing system. Concerning industries, CHINT’s Indian subsidiary provides carbon-reduced solutions in agriculture, the automobile and construction industry, and other fields to bring new technical value to partners and the industry.

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In 2019, the Indian government announced the smart city plan, which defines a smart city as a liveable, sustainable, and economically prosperous city that provides people with various opportunities to pursue different interests. Nataraja noted, “The construction of ‘smart cities’ involves urban streetlights, electric vehicle charging piles, construction, and many other fields, and we have participated in it. 

For example, we have supplied solar streetlights, electric vehicle charging piles, and 5G telecom base station projects. The infrastructure projects in India provide electrification solutions. Therefore, we can say that for CHINT, smart cities are not a new concept, and CHINT has indirectly become a part of smart cities in India.”

CHINT’s partner Pulkit Arora told us, “Uttarakhand is an eco-friendly state, and thus CHINT’s green products have a lot of demand here and will definitely bring great business results.” In the future, CHINT will share its power products and services in a larger market with a brand image shop model.

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