CHINT is Awarded “CSR Impact Leading Enterprise”

CHINT is Awarded CSR Impact Leading Enterprise

The 17th International CSR Forum and release ceremony of “2022 Golden Bee CSR China Honor Roll” was held in Beijing during July 21st-22nd. CHINT attended the event as an invited representative of green power enterprises, winning the award of “CSR Impact Leading Enterprise” with Contemporary Amperex Technology and other companies.

Multiple forums and seminars with different themes were held during the event. CHINT attended the 26th Sino-European CSR Roundtable Forum: Empower Low-carbon Supply Chains – Transformation Opportunities Brought by Best Practices held on day one. 

Gu Hao, Director of Public Relations, CHINT global business unit, delivered a keynote speech on CHINT’s Practice of Innovation Towards “3060” Carbon Goals Empowered by Digital and Intelligent Technologies. During his speech, Gu Hao shared CHINT’s practical achievements in leading social low-carbon transformation and practicing CSR by implementing its green power solutions and intelligent power products.

Fulfilling CSR and Giving Play to the Leading Role

Fulfilling CSR and Giving Play to the Leading Role

In 2021, CHINT joined the United Nations Global Compact for global sustainable development. In October 2021, the CHINT New Energy Kubuqi 310MW Sand-Photovoltaic Complementary Power Station was listed in the “Sustainable Soil Management” Category of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Global Call for Innovative Solutions in Clean technology and Sustainable Soil Management. 

The project integrates functions such as sand prevention, grass planting, cultivation, and power generation. It has an average annual power generation of about 550 million kWh and a sand control area of about 16.7 square kilometers, being China’s first desert photovoltaic demonstration project.

In August 2021, CHINT sponsored a low-carbon challenge, inviting more than 100 employees and customers of CHINT Spain for a low-carbon journey about 12,000 kilometers to make donations to over 600 families affected by “cerebral stroke” and promote green and low-carbon ways of life with actual actions. In 2022, CHINT Cambodia donated off-grid photovoltaic system to local villages with insufficient power supply by giving play to the advantages. The company provided green power for 178 local households, facilitating local construction of people’s livelihood.

In addition, CHINT has launched a photovoltaic donation project titled CHINT, Turn on the Love worldwide, and provided clean energy and care for the schools, hospitals as well as welfare institutions in over 10 countries such as Brazil, Czech Republic, and Egypt.

In December 2021, CHINT topped the list of Top 100 of China’s Private Enterprises in CSR in 2021. So far, CHINT has made donations amounting to over RMB450 million for all kinds of public welfare programs.

Fulfilling the “Green Future” Mission to be a “Carbon Emission Reduction” Model

In the context of global “carbon neutrality” efforts, CHINT has been an active model of “carbon emission reduction” by establishing “green future” as its mission.

Take CHINT IoT Sensing Industrial Park as an example, the expenses up to RMB5 million for cooling can be saved and 8,000 tons of carbon emissions can be reduced annually by implementing CHINT’s low-carbon solutions featuring “green energy sources, intelligent grid, load reduction, and new energy storage systems”. 

All the roofs in the park have been equipped with solar panels, together with the photovoltaic carports, photovoltaic street lamps, vertical axis wind turbines, etc., which constitute the green power source for the whole park. They can generate nearly 40,000 kWh of power per month. Such green power is preferably supplied to the loads including air conditioning, charging piles, and lighting. Besides, the energy storage room of the park stores the remaining power first for optimal supply.

In 2021, CHINT’s low voltage products obtained China’s first carbon footprint certificate for low voltage electrical appliances awarded by DEKRA, an international third-party accreditation organization. CHINT releases annual CSR reports and carbon emission verification reports, discloses information on suppliers’ energy conservation and emission reduction, green procurement, review rate of high and medium risk suppliers, and proportion of low risk suppliers on a regular basis, ensuring transparency of green information across supply chains.

Until now, CHINT has become the first Chinese enterprise in the industry to win the three certifications, namely “Green Factory”, “Green Design for Products”, and “Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise”by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

Enabling Customers “Low-carbon” Transformation Based on Industrial Advantages

CHINT has laid out new energy industry as early as 2009, gradually shaping the green development system covering new energy, intelligent electric engineering, energy efficiency management, stored energy, operation & maintenance of smart power stations, smart cities, and intelligent manufacturing. So far, the company has established 600,000 photovoltaic rooftop panels, providing green power of 10 billion kWh nationwide and reducing 9.9 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in total.

In September 2021, China launched the first green power transaction. Zhejiang became the province with the most participants, while CHINT became the private new energy enterprise that sold the most power during the transaction. In October 2021, CHINT transferred its 42,800 I-RECs to Vodafone Türkiye, achieving carbon assets management model from the development, construction and operation of new energy projects to carbon neutrality and carbon offset.

“Low-carbon” Transformation

Meanwhile, CHINT has performed green transformations with our customers in multiple fields, enabling conventional customers including Veolia and Enel to build new energy power stations, providing intelligent power distribution equipment and efficient operation & maintenance services for the stored energy projects of numerous customers including BYD UK, Trinasolar Europe, and China Huaneng UK, improving equipment efficiency for heat pump manufacturers in Spain, providing smart street lamps to enhance social power utilization efficiency in Columbia as well as providing integrated electric solutions for our customers such as BP, Tata Group to foster their new energy transformation.

In the future, CHINT will keep focusing on the new business model featuring “green energy sources, intelligent grid, load reduction, and new energy storage systems”, increasing the inputs of R & D and innovation for “low-carbon” products, and utilizing the technical advantages and project experience gained from the presence in “whole industry chains” for years to provide full-lifecycle “low-carbon” consultation and solutions for all customers, help them achieve “zero carbon” goals, and facilitate reform and development of the global energy.

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