CHINT Italy Shines at QualEnergia Forum 2023

CHINT Italy Shines at QualEnergia Forum 2023

The recently concluded 16th edition of the QualEnergia Forum, held on December 12th and 13th at the prestigious Sala Verdi of the Hotel Quirinale in Rome, marked a significant milestone in the ongoing dialogue about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

CHINT Italy, participating as a Gold Partner for the second consecutive year, solidified its position as a pivotal player in the renewable energy sector.

The forum, organized by Legambiente, Editoriale Nuova Ecologia, and Kyoto Club, with the patronage of the Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security and the Lazio Region, provided a vibrant platform for dialogue among institutions, businesses, and academia.

CHINT Italy’s representative, Eng. Iames Chiarello, Sales Engineer of CHINT Italia Investment, played a notable role in the discussions, particularly during the session on “Renewable energy starts again: from Agri-Voltaic to Industrial-size Plants, from Storage to Grids.”

Innovative Technological Solutions by CHINT Italy

Eng. Chiarello’s presentation outlined CHINT’s innovative solutions in the energy sector, emphasizing three key areas:

1. Agri-Voltaics: Highlighting the synergy between agriculture and solar energy, CHINT Italy discussed its successful implementation of photovoltaic panels in various agricultural settings. The focus was on the potential to expand this technology across Europe, with Italy taking pioneering steps.

2. C&I Photovoltaic Systems: CHINT Italy has been instrumental in upgrading photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial customers, significantly contributing to energy cost reduction through self-consumption. The remarkable growth in this sector in Italy aligns with the European trend, indicating a promising future for solar energy utilization in the commercial and industrial sectors.

3. Energy Accumulation and Storage Systems: Addressing the need for efficient energy storage, CHINT Italy showcased its solutions for large data centers and industrial self-sufficiency. The global investment trends in clean energy underscore the importance of advanced storage technology in transforming the energy landscape. 

A Commitment to a Sustainable Future

A Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Giampiero Tung, CEO of CHINT Italia, emphasized the company’s dedication to supporting total decarbonization of the energy supply chain by 2050. Through their participation in the QualEnergia Forum, CHINT Italy demonstrated how the energy transition is not just a vision but an achievable reality, thanks to the practical solutions they offer the Italian market.

CHINT Italy’s role in the QualEnergia Forum was more than just participatory; it was a display of leadership and commitment to a sustainable future. The insights shared and the discussions fostered during the event have set a new benchmark in the dialogue surrounding renewable energy and sustainable practices in Italy and beyond. 

As we move forward, CHINT Italy’s contributions to the energy sector will undoubtedly be integral to shaping a greener, more efficient future.

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