CHINT Joins UN’s Sino-Africa Action Network for Sustainability

Sino-Africa Corporate Community Action Network on Sustainable Development

On April 26, 2024, the UN Global Compact held the launching ceremony of the “Sino-Africa Corporate Community Action Network on Sustainable Development” in Beijing. Representatives from United Nations agencies, the Chinese government, African diplomatic missions in China, enterprises, academic institutions, and media gathered together to discuss how enterprises can address ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainable development challenges in their operations in Africa. They aimed to build partnerships to effectively support sustainable development in African communities, thereby improving people’s livelihoods, accelerating the achievement of sustainable development goals, and facilitating communication, exchange, and the launch of the network.

To speed up the achievement of sustainable development goals for Chinese and African companies outlined in the UN Global Compact’s “China Strategy” and support the 2030 sustainable development agenda, the UN Global Compact started the “Sino-Africa Corporate Community Action Network on Sustainable Development. This network will continue to bring together stakeholders such as the public sector, enterprises, international organizations, academic institutions, and media to provide an international platform for cooperation and exchange for companies investing and operating in Africa. Through long-term cooperation, the network aims to focus on environmental, labor, SDG innovation, youth employment, medical health, and other issues, helping companies address sustainable development challenges in their operations in Africa and promoting sustainable development cooperation in different industries and fields.

Officials including Ms. Meng Liu, the Asia-Pacific Regional Representative of the UN Global Compact, Mr. Xiaole Chen, Counselor of The Department of Asian Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Mr. Awalle Kullane, the Ambassador of Somalia to China, H.E. Mr.KAID SLIMANE Lahcene, the Ambassador of Algeria to China, and diplomats from Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe attended the event.

Sino-Africa Corporate Community Action Network on Sustainable Development

At the launching ceremony, many Chinese companies, including Fosun Pharma, Hainan Mining, Huayou Cobalt, and CHINT, announced their respective action projects and plans, providing valuable practical references for other participating companies and taking the first step in the action of the Sino-Africa Corporate Community Action Network on Sustainable Development.

Under the theme of “Light Up Boundless  Possibilities of Africa,” CHINT plans to provide vocational skills training in electrical work for young people in surrounding communities at the CHINT Uganda Meter Factory over the next three years. It will also collaborate with other companies operating in Africa to jointly implement at least 10 sustainable development projects.

CHINT in Uganda

As CHINT’s first overseas meter factory, the CHINT Uganda Meter Factory is located in the Mbalala Industrial Park, focusing on the Ugandan and East African markets, providing electricity meters and related products for low-voltage electrical appliances, smart electrical equipment, instruments, meters, and green energy in multiple industries.

Since its establishment, the CHINT Uganda Meter Factory has always adhered to the concept of “establishing a diversified talent introduction channel to recruit outstanding talents globally,” actively introducing and cultivating international talents, and providing strong support for the company’s rapid development. At the same time, it is also committed to achieving localization in manufacturing, with a localization rate of employees as high as 89%, injecting new vitality into Uganda’s industrial development.

Apart from Uganda, CHINT has continued its layout in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and other countries in Africa, establishing subsidiaries, factories, warehouses, and operation centers, committed to building deep localization capabilities, providing one-stop smart energy solutions, enhancing local manufacturing levels and industrial completeness, and helping local employment and economic development.

In today’s increasingly globalized world, all enterprises face the demands and challenges of sustainable development and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, especially in Africa, where environmental, social, and economic issues are intertwined. In the future, CHINT will adhere to the concept of sustainable development, continuously improve the industrial chain, promote green energy and smart energy solutions, and embrace a low-carbon and green future.

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