CHINT Limitless Launches Today: Honoring Electricians Worldwide

CHINT Limitless 2nd Season

A Glimmer of Light, Illuminating the World. As we relish the comfort, convenience, and security that electricity brings to our modern lives, a group of people tirelessly work across the globe. They pursue their dreams, stand by their beliefs, and selflessly devote themselves. These extraordinary electricians are ordinary heroes safeguarding innumerable lights.

From May 10th to July 31st, the 2nd season of “CHINT Limitless” global campaign will once again launch on a global scale. Building on the momentum of the first season, the second season will honor the grassroots groups providing power security services worldwide – electricians and installers. 

CHINT Global aims to offer electricians a larger stage to display their professionalism, commitment, and expertise through various channels and methods while also striving to become a part of their lives, conveying CHINT’s warmth with sincerity and creativity.

This brand season event will span five continents and over 20 countries. As a global smart energy solutions provider, CHINT not only delivers exceptional power products worldwide but also earns understanding and respect for skilled and dedicated grassroots electricians. 

For this brand season event, CHINT will integrate global store channels, devise numerous new ways to engage, delve into the electrician community, interact with them, and allow them to genuinely participate and enjoy their own festivities.

During the brand season event, CHINT global stores will present exciting benefits and invite electricians to share their highlight moments.

Win Big Prizes with Points: Don't Miss Out on Rewarding Benefits

Log in to the event landing page immediately, join the global points system, and effortlessly earn points by purchasing CHINT products! The top 9 electrician installers on the points leaderboard will receive prizes worth $1,000! Local stores will earn referral points and have an opportunity to win prizes worth $1,000!

Win Big Prizes with Points

Skills Competition: Master Craftsmanship and Strength Showdown

Test your mettle! Engage in competitions such as electrician knowledge, product assembly, and distribution box assembly to continuously sharpen your skills and enhance your abilities. Join the electrician professional community and grow your network! Tackle challenges and secure generous prizes!

Parent-Child Interaction: Warm Companionship and Love

Cherish heartwarming moments! Provide handmade puzzles and LEGO toys for electricians’ children, crafting a unique parent-child activity experience, and nurturing love through companionship.

Parent-Child Interaction

CSR Actions: Upholding Responsibility and Remaining True to Our Initial Commitment

Shoulder responsibility and lead the future! Actively supporting the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative, CHINT consistently commits to providing green solutions, assuming social responsibility, and collaboratively building a greener home. 

Throughout the event, CHINT will collaborate with local charities to organize a series of green public welfare activities. We plan to donate dinners and thermos cups to the homeless and supply essentials for victims of natural disasters, striving together to create a brighter future.

Roadshow: Exciting Connections and Ongoing Benefits

Through diverse store promotions and roadshows, CHINT establishes a platform for electricians worldwide to intimately connect with the brand, enabling them to fully comprehend CHINT’s product capabilities and experience the company’s care for electricians. CHINT also provides electricians with various rebates and a range of promotional products, as well as event-related gifts!

Embrace the light and let it guide you! CHINT salutes every electrician who steadfastly upholds their beliefs and courageously pursues the light in their daily lives. From May 10th to July 31st, the “CHINT Limitless” super brand event will unveil a spectacular show. Let us advance together, in pursuit of the light!

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*Specific activities are subject to the actual execution by local subsidiaries and distributors.

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