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CHINT Mexico Received An Appreciation Banner from CHINT Power

CHINT Mexico

On July 22, CHINT Mexico received a pennant from China Power to express their appreciation and affirmation towards CHINT’s global vision, customer-centric and professional services in the Renosa Wind Farm project in Mexico.

Appreciation Banner

At the beginning of this year, 2 transformers that had been operating in Mexico for several years broke down, which directly caused the local 400+MW wind farm to fail to supply electricity normally. Subsequently, ZUMA Group, the owner of the project, sent a business invitation to CHINT to propose operation and maintenance requirements.

CHINT Global quickly responded to customer needs and set up a project team. With the cooperation of the engineers and operation and maintenance personnel from both the local subsidiary and the headquarters, it was found that the transformer fault was caused by the damage to the oil-loaded switch. After one month of close communication with the customers, the maintenance plan was confirmed, and maintenance teams were immediately sent by CHINT to the site. Finally, it took two months to complete the repair of two transformers, which were successfully powered on and restored to the normal operation of the power plant.

escort local electricity

At the same time, two new transformers ordered by ZUMA group from CHINT have also been completed. In the face of an 80-day short lead time, CHINT overcame many difficulties such as heavy tasks, epidemic lockdown, and logistics obstacles, and spared no efforts to ensure delivery and solve customers’ worries. At present, two transformers are ready to go to Mexico to fulfill their missions to escort local electricity.

Growing with customers, CHINT has been on the road. Adhering to the customer-centric concept, CHINT has always stood with customers, understood their difficulties, and provided support as much as possible. In the future, CHINT will continue to deepen its services to customers and work with partners to shoulder social responsibilities.

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