CHINT Participated in the Women Conference in Mexico

CHINT at Women Conference

The Women Congress was held on 4th June during the famous International Electrical Expo in Mexico City, which of it was organized and moderated by Conacomee association (National Confederation of Associations of Traders of Electrical Material and Equipment).

Women Congress started with a keynote speech by the famous Mexican television anchor Ms Paola Rojas about the topic “the woman of today empowering the future”, where she talked about that today´s Women speak not just for themselves, but for generations to come. Women‘s voices are the blueprint for a future where every woman can empower, every dream can be attainable, and every barrier can be shattered.

CHINT female employee participated in the panel of “The art of negotiation: Strategies for success in each situation” where 6 women discussed and shared knowledge about this topic, from boardrooms to everyday encounters, mastering strategies for success in every scenario, to navigate complexities with finesse, turning challenges into opportunities, and forging paths to triumph.

As well, another CHINT female employee received an award of “Outstanding Women in the Electrical Sector”, a part more 10 women being from other manufacturers, integrators, distributors companies received it.

Women Conference in Mexico

All this represents CHINT’s empowerment of women by respecting them and giving them opportunities to grow in their daily work. In recent years, CHINT has actively pursued gender equality and promoted sustainable development.

1.CHINT has signed the “Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)” and promise to Taking positive action and fulfilling many principles to work for gender equality and Women’s Empowerment in the workplace, in competition in the marketplace and in the life of the community.

2.Besides, CHINT has issued the ” CHINT Global Gender Equality Statement ” in 2024 in order to better practice the UNGC Targeted Gender Equality Accelerator (TGE) and the UNGC Forward Faster Initiative. And

Be committed to

(1)Promoting Employee Diversity and Opposing Gender Discrimination

(2)Promoting female leadership at all levels

(3)Care for employees and their families

(4)Creating an open, inclusive, and secure company culture

(5)Sharing our knowledge and experience

Women Conference in Mexico

Business is a key stakeholder in advancing gender equality and Women’s empowerment. In the future, CHINT will continue to implement gender equality in the workplace, with a view to creating a diverse, equal and inclusive(DEI) work environment for its employees.

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