CHINT Presents its Full Industry Chain Solutions at FISE 2022 in Colombia

FISE 2022 in Colombia

From April 5th to 7th, the 9th FERIA INTERNACIONAL SECTOR ELECTRIC (FISE 2022) was successfully held in Medellin, Colombia. As one of the largest power industry events in Central and South America, well-known power equipment brands from all over the world gathered together to showcase cutting-edge electrical technology.

Digital Decarbonization for A Green World

Adhering to the theme of “Digital Decarbonizationfor A Green World”, CHINT has made its debut with low-voltage, medium, and high-voltage power transmission and distribution equipment, as well as solutions such as intelligent power distribution, intelligent street lamps, and photovoltaic water pumps. The exhibition attracted more than 28,000professionals, including industry partners, local installation resource suppliers, etc.

CHINT presents its full industry chain solutions
smart energy strategy

In addition to the appearance of the image of the whole industry chain, CHINT also extended the exhibition booth of the low-voltage production line with the local dealer ISC S.A. through the local distribution team in Colombia, further narrowed the distance between CHINT brand and Colombia, extended the market tentacle, strengthened brand awareness and influence, and improved the market recognition of CHINT.

FISE 2022
ISC S.A. General Manager Mr. Pascual Adolfo Peña Martinez

ISC S.A. General Manager  Mr. Pascual Adolfo Peña Martinez

Juan Carlos Villamil

Juan Carlos Villamil
Transmission and Distribution Team Colombian expatriate staff

Under the tide of global green energy, Latin America has actively developed the power industry with rapid growth momentum. CHINT, based on the FISE 2022, will work with local partners to explore the local market and contribute to the smart energy strategy in Latin America.

Commercial Manaager – Colombia

Commercial Manager – Colombia
John Edward Quiñónez Benavidez

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