2021 Ou River Summit – Interview to President of CHINT Global

Interview to President of CHINT Global

Enterprise internationalization is the all-round process globalization of technology, management, talents, and brands.

XIN HUA: CHINT, as a digital pioneer, what ideas and results can you share with us?

Digital reform has always been an important strategy of CHINT. Relying on smart applications, we have built a strategic system of One Cloud & Two Nets. Its core is to use 5G, artificial intelligence, digital twinning and other new generation of information technology, deep integration with industry to achieve intelligent manufacturing system, and deep integration with products to achieve intelligent life. For example, our household PV products can provide green energy and additional income for rural residents.

In March, CHINT with Liancheng County Government, Fujian Province entered into a strategic partnership to build a “Clean Energy Demonstration County” project, which is expected to bring 10 million RMB to the local people. According to estimates from Liancheng County, annual carbon emissions are reduced by about180,000 tons and 500 jobs are created for local.

Of course, our digital achievements are also applied to operations and maintenance. Under the control of big data operation and maintenance platform, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and video monitoring combined with our visual identification technology can be used to identify illegal operations without manual inspection, which greatly improves efficiency, safety and saves operation and maintenance costs.

At the same time, CHINT actively promotes digitalization and establishes a win-win ecosystem. In September 2019, at the CHINT Group Industry and IOT Development Conference (CIEF 2019), CHINT launched the “CHINT Cloud – CHINT Industrial Internet PaaS Platform”, which made a big step forward for the “One Cloud & Two Nets” strategy.”

Recently,from July 9-10, 2021, We will host the 2021 Ou River Summit and 2nd International Conference on Industrial and Energy Internet Innovation. With the theme of "Digital Energy, Smarter loT", CHINT will continue to show innovative exploration and practical results in the field of industrial and energy Internet.

CHINT 2021 ou river summit

XIN HUA: Could you please introduce what is the "Future Factory"? What is the experience and effectiveness of the "Future Factory" exploration and innovation of CHINT?

In the general impression, most manufacturing industries are labor-intensive enterprises. In fact, with the development of science and technology, great changes have taken place in the manufacturing industry. How to continuously improve human efficiency, save energy and develop employees is the development trend of the manufacturing industry. So “future factory” is a new practice and an important result of our digital reform.

At present, we have established 6 digital workshops in Wenzhou, and built smart PV cell and module factories in Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Thailand, driving the digital transformation of more than 600 sets of equipment from suppliers and leading the coordinated development of more than 400 core suppliers.

XIN HUA: Some people say we are living in the age of VUCA. It is a great challenge to the survival and development of every company. How to adapt to the VUCA era is very important for enterprises, so what does CHINT have to share with us?

After continuous practice, CHINT has established a “customer-centric” rapid response mechanism, which can adopt different cooperation strategies for different customers and provide solutions in the fastest time. In order to provide more efficient services, CHINT has specially formed a “Chinese + foreign” professional team to respond to customer feedback within 24 hours.

For example, CHINT’s smart circuit breaker project in Saudi Arabia. According to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, one million new residential projects will be built in the next ten years. Currently, CHINT has provided 300,000 self-developed integrated circuit breakers, giving the Saudi people smart experience in advance.

In the past year, our colleagues in Saudi Arabia traveled 70,000 kilometers, visited most of the Saudi cities, and mastered a lot of on-site information. In this case, we finally completed the design, production and delivery of 300,000 smart circuit breakers in half a year, demonstrating the speed of CHINT brought by the digital reform.

XIN HUA: Please take CHINT as an example to talk about the global advantages and competitiveness of private enterprises in Zhejiang.

CHINT has been abroad for a long time. In 1992, when we got our first foreign trade order at the Autumn Canton Fair, we started the road of internationalization.

The story of Brazil’s localization is very representative. In 1998, when we set up a number of overseas offices, CHINT began to enter Brazil. At that time, European and American brands had been working in the local area for many years, while CHINT was in the initial stage of internationalization, and its products and programs were far behind those of international electric giants.

In addition, the exchange rate of Brazil fluctuates a lot, the trade barrier is high, the local manufacturer is strong, and the domestic NBR standard virtually raises the market threshold. Even so, through unremitting efforts, CHINT has achieved cooperation with Brazil’s largest generator unit producer and industry leader.

During this period, the tenacity of CHINT's development the market is exactly what we call the "Zhejiang Spirit", and it is this spirit that has been influencing us subtly. As it goes, opportunity always go with challenge. Zhejiang's private enterprises can always show tenacious vitality in market development, and can quickly adapt to and meet market changes and market demands. These are our advantages and wealth on our road of development.

XIN HUA: How do you think a Chinese brand can enhance its popularity and international influence?

Globalization is not a simple export of products, but an all-round Globalization of technology, management, talent and brand. In 2000, CHINT established the development strategy of “Globalization, science and technology, industrialization, to build a world-class electrical appliance manufacturing enterprise”. In the face of complex market competition, we adopt differentiated marketing strategies to walk out of their own way.

On May 24, 2021, CHINT officially joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest international organization promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. We believe that business is a force for good. By committing to sustainable development, business can take a shared responsibility for achieving a better world.

Zhejiang is a pioneer in reform and opening up, as well as a large private economy province. The private economy accounts for more than 60% of Zhejiang’s GDP and the number of enterprises exceeds 90%.

Of course, the government has also created an excellent business environment, which has provided help for our business operations, technological innovation, and personnel training. CHINT has also embarked on a road of internationalization with Zhejiang and CHINT characteristics.

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