CHINT Accelerated to Protecting the Heart of Mexican Wind Farm

CHINT Accelerated to Protecting the Heart of Mexican Wind Farm

Recently, there was news from CHINT Mexico: The 400kV replacement transformer supplied by CHINT to the Reynosa Wind Farm has been successfully running since it was installed and commissioned in November 2022. 

The Reynosa Wind Farm is one of the largest wind power projects in Mexico and Latin America, developed and constructed by Zuma Energia. It is located near the city of Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, and has a total installed capacity of 424MW with 123 wind turbines and annual average utilization hours of over 4100 hours.

At the beginning of 2022, two 400kV transformers at the Reynosa Wind Farm malfunctioned, leading to a complete halt of the wind farm’s power generation. Besides facing significant losses due to the power outage each day, there was also a constant risk of widespread power outages.

CHINT was invited to conduct a survey and provide a solution to the problem. As we all know, the main transformer is the “heart” of the substation and is crucial for the safe and stable operation of the power grid. Its reliability is of utmost importance for the safe and stable operation of the substation.

Upon learning about the background of the project, CHINT Mexico immediately organized transformer engineers to conduct on-site inspections and establish a special team. After multiple rounds of consultations and discussions, CHINT prioritized customer interests and project timeline, and ultimately proposed a solution that involved both component repair and complete replacement of the transformer.

Under this plan, CHINT would first provide components for repair to restore the transformer’s power supply, saving power generation and reducing losses. Meanwhile, CHINT would also supply a brand new 400kV replacement transformer with a delivery period of 120 days, ensuring the long-term stable power generation needs of the customer.

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Within 120 days, from design to production; within 56 days, the new transformer was transported from Shanghai to Mexico; and within more than 30 days, the replacement installation and commissioning were successfully completed. All of these achievements are a result of the tireless efforts and contributions of every CHINT employee.

CHINT has always insisted on “customer-centric” principles, continuously improving delivery standards, and winning high praise through action. With CHINT’s “acceleration,” we have made a new contribution to the Mexican power market.

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