CHINT Provides EPC Services for Romania’s Largest PV Station

CHINT Provides EPC Services

Recently, CHINT New Energy and its partners reached a cooperation consensus with solar developer Econergy to provide EPC services for the construction of a 154 MWP photovoltaic power station in Arges County in southern Romania.

It is reported that the power station is the photovoltaic power station with the largest installed capacity in Romania. After grid connection, it is expected to provide clean energy for about 100000 households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 160000 tons per year.

In recent years, renewable power plays an increasingly important role in Romania’s power supply structure. In order to realize the sustainable development of energy and environment, the EU has established the overall development goal of renewable energy, and Romania has also issued policies related to renewable energy.

Romania’s comprehensive national energy and climate change plan 2021-2030 points out that the Romanian government plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy in total energy consumption to30.7% by 2030, and plans to increase the installed capacity of solar power generation by 3692MW within 10 years.

In addition to government support, Romania also has inherent advantages in developing solar energy utilization. Romania, located in the northeast of the Balkans in Southeast Europe, has abundant sunshine and suitable climate. The construction cost and labor cost are lower than those in central and Western Europe, and the development foundation of photovoltaic industry is good.

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