CHINT Provides PV EPC+F for Biggest Firm in Latin America

CHINT Provides PV EPC+F for Biggest Firm in Latin America

Relying on the advantages of a localized platform and industrial chain, excellent product quality, and professional technical support services, CHINT was selected by a well-known business group in Latin America as the general contractor of its integrated rooftop photovoltaic power station.

In May 2021, the two parties jointly confirmed and signed the terms of cooperation. The first project has an installed capacity of 7.75MW including 7 integrated rooftop photovoltaic systems. CHINT will provide financing, product integration and supply, local import and installation services and power station operation and maintenance services.

The roof of the enterprise has a large effective area and a large proportion of load during the day. After exploring its roof structure and analyzing its load situation and absorbing capacity with digital methods, we contracted to build this distributed photovoltaic power station for the owner to help the enterprise in energy saving, carbon reduction, transformation and upgrading.

It took 14 months to complete the project, successfully passed the approval of the power company, and connected to the grid at full power.

grid at full power

The second phase of the company’s project was also reached a cooperative agreement in the first half of this year, with an installed capacity of 10MW on 10 complexes. Currently, the contract is being successfully implemented, and it is planned to be fully connected to the grid in the first quarter of 2023.

It is estimated that the total annual power generation of these two power stations will reach 25 million kWh, which can be 100% used by this enterprise. While saving electricity expenses, it can also enhance the corporate image and achieve green development.

annual power generation

CHINT Global Latin America team focuses on the development of the new energy market, breaking through the simple equipment buying and selling relationship, and opening up a turnkey consultative service model that provides users with smart integrated energy solutions and engineering installations, and helps owners to achieve energy saving and lowering costs.

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