CHINT Provides Trail Powering Solution in Egypt

CHINT Provides Trail Powering Solution in Egypt

On March 28, 2022, Egypt’s Ramadan 10th City Railway Project was successfully opened to traffic. This is Egypt’s first electrified railway with AC power supply system. According to the project cooperation agreement signed with China Railway-AVIC International Consortium in 2017, CHINT provides electrical products such as distribution boxes, distribution cabinets, and low-voltage cabinets for the project. 

The two phases of the Egypt Railway project add up to a total of 12 stations. CHINT provides corresponding supporting facilities for each station, requiring a total of more than 220 low-voltage power distribution cabinets, more than 150 medium-voltage power distribution cabinets, more than 800 low-voltage power distribution boxes, and over 900 meters of closed-insulated busbars.

Innovation is the key to CHINT’s success in winning the Egypt Railway Project. From project negotiation to formal implementation, from drawing conversion, and technical communication, to plan promotion, production and supply assurance, the CHINT team continues to innovate and provide customized power products and technical solutions for the project.

 It is also a brand-new exploration of CHINT to pass the Egyptian technical standards to the domestic team, and then the domestic team will carry out the next step of content deepening and product design, so as to customize the needs of customers in the rail transit technology system. The team responsible for the drawing work of CHINT has designed tens of thousands of drawings according to feedback and needs and made targeted adjustments and optimizations according to customers’ reading habits.

CHINT Egypt team

Under the leadership of the Project Joint Management Department, the CHINT Egypt team overcame cognitive differences and technical differences, completed the emergency delivery under the epidemic, and realized multi-party collaborative operations.

It takes 4 hours for the round trip from CHINT Egypt to the project consortium office, which is the daily commute for the CHINT Egypt team. When encountering poor communication, the team gave full play to the advantages of operating in the local area for many years, took the initiative to take up the work of communication and connection, and helped to promote the overall progress of the project.

The 24kV medium-voltage cabinet in the Egypt Railway project is not a standard and conventional cabinet type. The matching of CHINT product structure and components needs to be pre-adjusted in the factory. The time given by the customer is very urgent. Under normal circumstances, the complete cycle of 30 pieces is 45 days, and the time given by the customer is 20 to 30 days for 140 pieces.

Facing the challenge, CHINT rose to the challenge, actively deployed domestic resources to the production line in Egypt, and stayed in the factory with colleagues from AVIC International Customer Department and Business Department from morning to night to ensure that the products were delivered on time.

rail transit field

In the Egypt railway project, CHINT successfully completed a number of tests on technical analysis, emergency production, emergency delivery, and other capabilities of transnational projects, accumulated management experience in large and complex overseas projects, improved project execution capabilities, and prepared for the follow-up “Made in China” project in China. The rail transit field went to sea smoothly, laying a solid foundation.

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