CHINT Ranked Many First at 2022 White Paper on China’s LV Market

CHINT Ranked Many First at 2022 White Paper on China's LV Market

On August 18, the 2022 white paper on China’s low-voltage electrical appliance market (hereinafter referred to as the “white paper”) was released. CHINT ranked first in many rankings and was once again rated as a six-star enterprise. It became the only domestic enterprise among the two enterprises with a sales scale of more than 10 billion in the low-voltage electrical appliance market, and also ranked first in the brand satisfaction and brand popularity of domestic enterprises in the low-voltage electrical appliance market in China.

China's low-voltage electrical appliance market

Based on more than ten years of research experience in the low-voltage electrical appliance market, under the guidance of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, Wintelligence, a senior consulting company in the industrial field, researched and produced the white paper, which systematically combed the low-voltage electrical appliance market, and again made professional analysis on the current situation and development trend of the low-voltage electrical appliance market at home and abroad.

Hao Jun, Deputy Secretary General of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, delivered a speech. Representatives from all walks of life including well-known low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers, panel factories, relevant channel merchants, fund investors and industry professionals at home and abroad attended the conference. 

CHINT was invited to participate. Li Ming, general manager of market strategy Department of CHINT electric appliances and vice chairman of National Electrical Safety Standardization Technical Committee, made a keynote speech at the meeting.

In the white paper, the market share of low-voltage electrical appliances is more than 10 billion, belonging to the first echelon, and CHINT is one of the only two enterprises in this field and the only national brand. According to the white paper, enterprises are rated as stars according to their performance in the six major market segments of industrial projects, industrial OEM, construction, power grid, infrastructure and individual users. 

Enterprises entering the top five market segments can get one star. CHINT is not only a “six star” enterprise, but also ranks first in the four sub markets of industrial OEM, construction, power generation & Grid & power supply and individual users.

ranks first in the four sub markets of industrial OEM

At the same time, the white paper invites users to rate their satisfaction with the use of the brand. CHINT has achieved the highest reputation among domestic brands with an overall high score of 8.9; Taking the ratio of the frequency of brand appearance and sample size in the eight industries as an indicator, CHINT enjoys the first reputation among domestic brands with 89% brand popularity.

CHINT always implements the principle of “customer-oriented and market-oriented”. As Li Ming said at the press conference, CHINT has continuously kept pace with the times to meet the changing needs of customers with the ability of “flexible R & D” and “flexible manufacturing”, and has worked hand in hand with customers on the intelligent double carbon road.

customer-oriented and market-oriented

In the new era, the low-voltage electrical appliance industry has ushered in new changes, which are reflected in the decreasing sensitivity of industrial customers to the price of low-voltage electrical appliance products, and the transformation of the demand from the most basic “low-cost, usable” to “low-carbon, intelligent, customized, changing” and other professional directions. 

CHINT is fully close to customers and understands the pain points. Supported by flexible R & D and flexible manufacturing, CHINT accurately connects demand changes, rapidly updates iterative product solutions, and provides products that fully meet customer needs and have reliable quality.

CHINT closely follows the customized requirements of customers, continuously circularly verifies all aspects of design and R & D, and independently completes design, simulation, proofing, testing, prototype and trial production, so as to iterate out solutions to meet the needs of customers in a short time; 

Flexible manufacturing means that CHINT has the strength to realize large-scale customized production and efficient delivery, and fully ensures the safety and reliability of product quality by virtue of the flexible manufacturing capacity of “future factories” such as self-made key parts, self-made molds and self-developed digital workshops.

large-scale customized production and efficient delivery

Facing the future, CHINT will continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of revitalizing Chinese products, take customer demand as the guide, customize solutions for customers with mature products and professional services, and create maximum value for global customers with self-controlled key technologies.

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