CHINT Rated as an AAAAA Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise

CHINT electric

Recently, CHINT electric successfully passed the “AAAAA” standardized good behavior on-site evaluation and obtained the “AAAAA” standardized good behavior certificate on June 29.

CHINT has always adhered to independent innovation and benchmarking with world-class standards. By translating innovative technologies, patents, and R&D achievements into standards, CHINT has effectively improved its ability to lead standards and formed a complete enterprise standard system. In July 2015, CHINT electric was the first in the industry to win the title of good standardization behavior demonstration enterprise of the China Electrical Industry Association.

In 2021, CHINT electric won the “outstanding contribution award for standardization” issued by the national low voltage electrical Standardization Technical Committee and was shortlisted as the first batch of enterprise standard leaders in China.

good behavior certificate

“CHINT is a model for private enterprises to meet standards.” When investigating CHINT in 2020, the deputy director of the State Administration of market supervision and director of the National Standardization Administration, fully affirmed the typical exemplary role of CHINT in benchmarking and reaching standards.

Through the effective promotion and implementation of a series of standardization work, CHINT organized a professional team, which played a positive role in standardized management, resource integration, independent innovation, technology precipitation, scientific and technological progress, achievement promotion, etc. which were widely recognized.

In 2019, CHINT actively responded to the “leader” system of enterprise standards jointly implemented by the State Administration of market supervision, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other eight departments, and took the lead in carrying out the work of “leader” of enterprise standards in the industry.

good standardization behavior demonstration enterprise

Among them, the enterprise standard NB1-63H miniature circuit breaker was successfully listed in the list of the first batch of enterprise standard “leaders” in China in 2019, and obtained the enterprise standard “leader” certificate. Nb1l residual current operated circuit breaker and other two product standards were rated as the “leader” of Zhejiang enterprise standards in 2019. Up to now, six enterprise standards have been rated as the “leader” of enterprise standards in Zhejiang Province.

leader of enterprise standards

In addition, CHINT products have also obtained more than 30 international authoritative certifications, such as UL certification in the United States, VDE certification in Germany, TUV certification, ASTA certification in the United Kingdom, DNV certification in Norway (Marine) and CCC in China, and are widely used in line protection in medium and high-end mechanical equipment, major engineering markets (Olympic venues, etc.), communication markets, commerce, marine and other fields.

With standardization as the link, CHINT will further introduce advanced and scientific technology and management methods into the whole process through standardization work, strengthen the coordination and integrity of production, supply, and marketing processes, improve the quality of products and services, and create a hardcore enterprise competitiveness.

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