CHINT Semi-Annual Report of 2021

CHINT Semi-Annual Report of 2021

CHINT Electrics (stock code: 601877), a listed company of CHINT Group, released the Semi-Annual Report of 2020 on August 27th. 

Founded in 1997, CHINT Electrics has been a leading enterprise in low voltage and new energy. A leading global provider of smart energy solutions.

Solid Growth of Business Performance

Solid Growth of Business Performance

On the evening of August 26, CHINT Electrics released the semi-annual report of 2021.

  • Revenue: 2.51 Billion USD
  • Same Period of 2020  2.25 Billion USD,
  • Year-on-Year Growth  11.16%
  • Net Profits Attributable to Shareholders 284.57 Million USD
  • Same Period of 2020 279.48 Million USD.
  • Year-on-Year Growth 1.86 %
  • Basic Earnings per Share  0.13 USD per share
  • Same Period of 2020  0.12 USD per share
  • Year-on-Year Growth  2.38%

Steady Increase in Asset Scale

  • Total Assets  12.33 Billion USD
  • End of 2020 10.69 Billion USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth   15.32%
  • Net Assets Attributable to Shareholders 
  • 2021 H1  4.73 Billion USD
  • End of 2020  4.62 Billion USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth  2.56%
Sail the “Blue Ocean” and Upgrade the Channels

Sail the “Blue Ocean” and Upgrade the Channels.

  • Revenue of Channel Business
  • 905.86 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 14.83%

Under the guidance of “Blue Ocean” action, 24 regional core sales companies have been established, covering 19 provinces and autonomous regions in China.

Targeted Breakthrough and Rapid Growth of the Industry Market

  • 2021 H1 Revenue of Industry Direct Sales 231.49 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Growth 70 %

New leading industry customers such as Huawei, Yugong, Laplace Energy, Jinke Group, etc..

Contrary to the Trend and Accelerating Expansion of Overseas Business

Contrary to the Trend and Accelerating Expansion of Overseas Business

  • 2021 H1 Overseas Business Revenue 231.49 Million USD
  • Year-on-Year Increase of 55.26%

Successfully won the bid of Spain ALEDESA project, Saudi Electricity Authority MCCB project, British Petroleum related projects, and provided comprehensive solutions for South Korea LG energy storage project.

Steady Progress in New Energy Business

Successfully cooperated with large state-owned enterprise such as CHINA ENERGY INVESTMENT and China National Nuclear Corporation.

Household Photovoltaic is Emerging

Household Photovoltaic is Emerging

  • 2021 H1 Newly Installed Capacity 1.05GW,
  • Realized Power Generation 1.946 Billion KWH
  • The number of customers exceeded 400 thousand.

Continuous R&D to Invest for the Future

Continuous R&D to Invest for the Future

CHINT Electrics has always adhered to independent innovation.

  • Scientific and technological projects under study 373.
  • R&D Expenditure 89.04 Million USD, Increased 39.6%
  • Nearly 540.12 Million USD in three years
  • Patent Applications 330
  • Patent Authorizations 394
  • Cumulative Valid Patent Number 3926
  • Participated in the completion of 7 industry standards

Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech
Chairman’s Speech

In the first year of the 14th Five Year Plan, CHINT will focus on multiple strategic opportunities such as “Carbon Neutralization” and “Digital Intelligence”, further strengthen the main line of low-voltage electrical appliances and new energy business, implement the business policy of “high technology, light assets, platform and service”, and strive to improve the business efficiency of the enterprise.

We will vigorously promote channel changes driven by “Blue Ocean” action, continue to stimulate the vitality of marketing networks, accelerate the promotion of “green sources, intelligent networks, load reduction, new storage” carbon neutral solutions, promote carbon neutrality at smart urban and rural construction, and work with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to create a win-win smart energy ecosystem.

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