CHINT Semi-annual Report of 2022

CHINT Semi-annual Report of 2022

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CHINT Electrics (stock code: 601877), a listed company of CHINT Group, released the Semi-annual Report of 2022 on August 30, 2022.

We are committed to innovation, steady progress and long-term development, bravely explore a new blue ocean of “digital intelligence and double carbon”, and firmly move forward towards the grand blueprint of becoming a world-famous supplier of one-stop low-voltage appliances and new energy products and system solutions.

Overview of Financial Report

  • Operating Income: 3.40 Billion USD
  • Year on Year Growth 44.94%
  • Net Profits Attributable to Shareholders: 260.57 Million USD, year on year growth basically unchanged.

The impact of the Supcontech has been deducted.

Low Voltage Electrical Appliances

1. CHINT China: Strive to Outstand the Industry

A total of 28 regional sales headquarters have been established, and nearly 500 distributor partners have been upgraded to shareholders of regional sales headquarters, successfully building a community of channel destiny.

The distribution network covers 320 cities, 2200 districts and counties, and 1800 townships

1000+ branding seminars held at 100+ cities

NOARK Industrial Project: Huawei 5G communication integrated cabinet, Alibaba data center, Canadian digital currency.

2. CHINT Global: Improve the competitiveness of vertical industries

30 + national companies, 20+ overseas logistics centers, 4 overseas R&D centers, 7 overseas factories, and channels cover 140+ countries.

3. CHINT R&D: Strong core competitiveness power

Accumulated 6000 + patents and 5000 + authorizations, R & D and innovation in power IoT, new energy, data center, intelligent charging, and Xinrui series.

Xinrui new series release – from design, R & D, production to delivery, the whole process is digital intelligence. The industrial chain is autonomous and controllable. The products are highly intelligent, modular, reliable, and stable.

CHINT Xinrui
CHINT Xinrui
Shanghai Low-Voltage Digital Experiment Center
Shanghai Low-Voltage Digital Experiment Center​

Shanghai Low-Voltage Digital Experiment Center is one of the comprehensive experimental centers with the most complete testing items in the industry and covering low-voltage electrical equipment testing standard system.


1. Household Energy: Sustained and Rapid Business Development

Extensive channel coverage to help the volume grow

It has set up 8 regional companies, 27 offices, and 1000 + agents, covering 21 core provinces and 1200 + counties. The total number of trainees of photovoltaic planet is 100000+

Innovative business model - rolling development boosts the high growth of front-end business

“CHINT Anneng + PVstar” double brands own a market share of 30%+

The whole county promoted the signing of 10 counties (cities, districts) and 492 townships, with a signed scale of 10GW + and sales of 657MW

Improve the operation and maintenance ability and ensure the high efficiency of the power station

Covering 1200 + operation and maintenance service outlets nationwide, 21 provinces, 166 cities, 1200 + districts and counties, 3000 + professional operation and maintenance engineers, 8GW + comprehensive operation and maintenance power station, and 4.4 billion kWh of power generation+

We will not change our original mind and practice the goal of common prosperity

It can increase the income of each farmer by about 262 USD per year, provide 10 billion kWh of green electricity for the whole society, reduce CO2 emissions by 10 million tons, and create more than 60,000 rural labor jobs.

2. Inverter Energy Storage: A New Journey

1KW-4.4MW full series photovoltaic inverter products

It can provide customers with one-stop energy storage system solutions to meet the optical storage needs of users, industry and commerce, and ground power stations.

3. Power Station Operation: The Level is Further Improved

“PV +” development mode, sand light complementation, fishery light complementation, agriculture light complementation, forest light complementation, photovoltaic + barren mountain treatment.

General contracting capacity (EPC) integrating power station design, procurement, construction, commissioning, grid connection, operation and maintenance.

CHINT TELOGY industrial and commercial building photoelectric roofing system.

CHINT TELOGY industrial and commercial building photoelectric roofing system

Essential Honors

  • First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Zhejiang Province
  • Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Shandong Province
  • Second Prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standard Champion
  • NOARK 2022 Shanghai Top 100 Technology Enterprise
  • Electrotechnical Standard Innovation Award
  • 2022 High Quality Photovoltaic EPC Enterprise
  • No.1 in North American industrial and commercial three string inverter shipments
  • Global energy storage high-power PCS shipments are the eighth

Chairman’s Speech

Chairman’s Speech

In the face of great changes unseen in a century, the country builds a new power system with new energy as the main body, which will promote the vigorous development of green energy, smart electrical, and smart low-carbon industries. The new era of green, low-carbon and high-quality development under the guidance of the “double carbon” goal has roared, and the new energy enterprises of electric power have ushered in a broad new space for development.

In the second half of this year, CHINT will adhere to the principle of long-term, professional, cooperative, and sharing. We will seize opportunities, comprehensively promote the digital project, focus on innovation to drive transformation and upgrading, cultivate and improve the core competitiveness in the field of smart energy, play an active role in the enterprise’s own carbon reduction and promote the global carbon neutralization process, writing a new chapter in the era of digital intelligence and double carbon.

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