CHINT Set up a Joint Venture with Ajlan & Bros Holding Group

CHINT Set up a Joint Venture with Ajlan & Bros Holding Group

Recently, CHINT Global held a signing ceremony with Ajlan Bros Holding Group, a diversified international enterprise based in Saudi Arabia, announcing the establishment of a joint venture in Saudi Arabia to focus on the production of low, medium, and high-voltage electrical equipment and providing power solutions and services.

The establishment of the joint venture will meet Saudi Arabia’s demand for localized manufacturing of electrical products, make full use of both sides’ advantages in technology, scientific research, capital, and so on, accelerate the updating and iteration of electrical products, and promote the development of Saudi Arabia’s electrical and energy-related industries.

CHINT Set up a Joint Venture with Ajlan & Bros Holding Group

Right: Ali Alkhatib, CEO of Industrial Manufacturing, Ajlan Bros Holding Group;
Left: Thomas Cheng, President Assistant of CHINT Global and General Manager of West Asia and Africa;

Ali Al Hazmi, CEO of Bros Holding Group, Ali Alkhatib, CEO of Industrial Manufacturing, Ajlan Bros Holding Group, and Thomas Cheng, AssistantPresident Of CHINT Global attended the ceremony.

Third from the left: Thomas Cheng, President Assistant of CHINT Global and General Manager of West Asia and Africa;
Fourth from left: Ali Al Hazmi, CEO of Ajlan Bros Holding Group;
Figure 4: Ali Alkhatib, CEO of Industrial Manufacturing, Ajlan Bros Holding Group

The establishment of the joint venture will help Saudi Arabia to realize the localization of the production and manufacture of electrical equipment, promote the development of local industries with CHINT’s technology and R&D capabilities, train more talents in the field of electrical energy for Saudi Arabia, and jointly achieve the strategic goal of improving localization of industrial manufacturing and energy transformation in Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030”.

Muhammad Al-Agilan, Vice Chairman of Ajlan Bros Holding Group and its subsidiaries

As a Saudi company that has worked in China for many years, Ajlan Bros Holding Group has reached cooperation and established joint ventures with many Chinese enterprises in recent years. The cooperation with CHINT will become an important step in the strategic development of the Group.

With the help of CHINT’s technology and R&D and production experience, the Group’s strength in the industrial manufacturing field will be further improved.

Mohammed Al Agilan, President of Saudi Arabia China Business Council, said that he was very happy to reach strategic cooperation with CHINT. The strategic cooperation between the two sides is also in line with Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” and China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

We sincerely hope that with this as a starting point, the two sides will work together to explore deeper cooperation, share Saudi Arabia’s development opportunities and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

With the continuous deepening of Sino-Saudi relations, bilateral investment and trade cooperation, and the promotion of Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” to bring more development opportunities, more and more Chinese companies are considering seeking new business development opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa markets.

With the goal of global layout, CHINT has continued to cultivate the international market for many years. Its business covers more than 140 countries and regions, with more than 40,000 employees worldwide and an annual operating income of more than USD16.7 billion. It has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for 21 consecutive years. And its business layout in Saudi Arabia has a long history.

From the first circuit breaker entering the Saudi market in 2003 to winning the bid for the ECB project of the Saudi Electricity Authority in 2020, after 15 years of intensive cultivation, CHINT has become the main supplier of the Saudi Electricity Authority.

CHINT and Ajlan Bros Holding Group jointly established a subsidiary and established a local factory. Through local production and manufacturing, product quality and delivery efficiency will be improved, further meeting the local demand for electrical equipment in Saudi Arabia and enabling the accelerated development of related industries.

As a world-leading diversified international enterprise, Ajlan Bros Holding Group, relying on its long-term accumulated strength and advantageous resources in Saudi Arabia, has always been committed to joining hands with well-known enterprises to enter the Middle East and North Africa market, focusing on technology, medical health, financial services , gaming, mining, tourism and logistics and other fields to establish a long-term close strategic partnership.

With China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative and Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” continuing to deepen the docking, the group has established investment offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and looks forward to becoming a leader in related industries in Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” and joining hands with Chinese companies Reach mutually beneficial cooperation in multiple fields, and become a gateway and a solid and reliable partner for Chinese enterprises to the Middle East and North Africa.

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