CHINT Set up “Life Electricity” for Egypt’s Vaccine Warehouse


On September 24th, the automated vaccine cold storage assisted by SINOVAC in Egypt was successfully delivered in the VACSERA factory in Egypt on October 6th. This is a fully automated cold storage built by SINOVAC in Egypt that can store 150 million doses of vaccines, with a total construction area of 2,800 square meters. It is also the largest vaccine storage center in Egypt and even in Africa. Shouldering the responsibility of public health and safety.

The vaccine cold storage warehouse also has strict requirements on the temperature setting. In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the project and ensure that the project is powered on time, CHINT Egypt factory overcame difficulties such as short delivery time and heavy tasks, and completed the delivery of low-voltage equipment for the project in 21 days under the epidemic, including the supply and installation of more than 30 low-voltage distribution cabinets.

Moreover, CHINT Egypt team cooperated with partners to propose a complete set of medium-voltage distribution design solutions for the installation of medium-voltage side transformers to low-voltage side busbars.

From the preliminary design of the project to the formal implementation, from the optimization of drawings and technical discussions to the implementation of the plan and the guarantee of project advancement, in less than a month, colleagues from all departments of CHINT worked around the clock to catch up with the construction period, and finally ensured that the project could be completed within a short period of time.

It has achieved success within the country and ensured the smooth and safe operation of the vaccine warehouse. CHINT Egypt’s localized production, efficient, high-quality customized products, and integrated solutions have also won unanimous appreciation from businesses and partners.

The epidemic has brought many challenges to countries around the world. In order to fight the epidemic, CHINT Egypt has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities. From the beginning of the epidemic, it donated various anti-epidemic materials such as masks and protective clothing to the local area, and now it is fully supporting the production and storage of vaccine companies.

With professional spirit and perseverance, CHINT people light up hope in the hearts of customers, and escort the “electricity of life”.

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