CHINT Shines at Light + Building Exhibition 2024 in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt, Germany, March 3-8, 2024 – CHINT Global, the world’s leading intelligent energy solutions provider, has made a significant impact at the Light + Building Exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany. Under the theme “Simplify Your Journey to Decarbonization,” CHINT has showcased its commitment to innovation, connectivity, and sustainability across a range of solutions tailored for Power Supply & Distribution, Smart Building, Integrated Energy Control, EV Charging, and Smart Home sectors. The company’s booth, located at H9.0 B21, has become a hub of activity, drawing a large number of visitors and sparking engaging discussions about the future of the industry and potential collaborations.

CHINT Global

Power Supply & Distribution Systems

CHINT’s offering in this sector emphasizes the unification of environmental sustainability with intelligent grid technology. The highlight is the Industrial Park Power Distribution Solution, which integrates cutting-edge components like air-insulated MV Switchgear, Dry Type Transformer, and LV Switchgear. These solutions are specifically designed for industrial parks or factories, focusing on safety and efficiency with certified safety features and an emphasis on fire safety and operational performance.

Smart Building Solution

This solution ensures safe and reliable power distribution to facilitate smooth and optimized building operations. CHINT’s comprehensive approach includes an extensive range of low-voltage products and a focus on power quality monitoring and control, offering a one-stop-shop experience for building operations. The system’s design tools for selectivity and integration enhance safety and efficiency in building management.

Integrated Energy Control Systems

CHINT introduces the NB2 – CHINT Smart MCB series, ideal for various applications including commercial buildings and smart streetlights. This solution focuses on safety and efficiency, featuring remote control capabilities, real-time circuit monitoring, and precise energy metering for optimal carbon reduction. It’s designed to minimize labor costs and streamline energy management.


EV Charging Pile Solution

Addressing the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure, CHINT presents a comprehensive suite of EV Charging Solutions. From the Noark 22kW AC Wall-box designed for easy installation and safety, to engineering solutions for charging plants and component solutions for OEMs, CHINT covers the entire spectrum of EV charging needs with intelligent controls and fast delivery.

EV Charging Pile Solution

Smart Home Solution

CHINT’s Smart Home Solution integrates various systems to ensure a secure, energy-efficient, and comfortable living environment. The solution includes an Intelligent Security Monitoring System, an Intelligent Audio and Video Entertainment System, and an Intelligent Environmental Management System, among others. These systems offer personalized control and unified management for an intelligent lifestyle.

Smart Home Solution

CHINT’s presence at the Light + Building Exhibition has not only showcased its innovative solutions but also underscored the company’s role in leading the industry towards a more sustainable and connected future. Visitors to the booth have been provided with a unique opportunity to explore the future of energy management and potential collaborations, highlighting CHINT’s position as a key player in the global push for decarbonization.

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