CHINT Signs Cooperation Agreement with Australia’s OSW

CHINT Signs Cooperation Agreement with Australia's OSW

On November 3, the signing ceremony of the cooperative agreement between CHINT Solar and One Stop Warehouse (hereinafter referred to as “OSW”), an Australian distributed system integrator, was successfully held. Anson Zhang, CEO of OSW, Jeff Yu, COO, Huang Haiyan, Vice President of CHINT Solar, and Zhang Wei, General Manager of Global Sales, Silicon Manufacturing attended the event.

According to the agreement, CHINT Solar and OSW will further strengthen cooperation in various fields of distributed photovoltaic systems in Australia. Taking their respective advantages, they will jointly promote the development of the local photovoltaic market.

Mr. Anson Zhang said that through this agreement, CHINT has a more comprehensive understanding of this business. It has formed its differentiated advantages both from the user and demand sides while innovating and developing. OSW is an excellent distributed systems integrator in the Australian market, with a market share of more than 25%, and it also has a presence in the European and North American markets. 

The company’s data-driven business relies on four major IT systems developed independently. Its internal customized management system, customer-end SAAS platform, carbon trading finance, has truly achieved a one-stop service of new energy integration. The newly built DEVPP Virtual Power Plant provides maximum customer benefits through energy-connected platform services. 

CHINT promotes new energy transformation through scale-down reduction and efficiency gains, while OSW uses more front-end technical solutions. Both sides have complementary advantages and share the same goals and vision.

CHINT promotes new energy transformation

Ms. Huang Haiyan said that OSW is in a leading position in many areas of the Australian distributed photovoltaic market, with a solid brand influence and a strong customer base. CHINT Solar entered the photovoltaic industry in 2006 and began to build large-scale power stations in 2009. So far, it has invested in more than 8GW of photovoltaic power stations

In recent years, the business model has been innovated and developed, forming a business plan that focuses on photovoltaic manufacturing, power station development, household photovoltaics, and emerging businesses simultaneously. Based on the assessment of the entire market, CHINT Solar has adopted a stable development strategy. 

At present, the company components are in the period of a technological window of iterative development from P-type to N-type. It is hoped that in the context of “dual carbon”, the battery will be developed during the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The battery component scale and market share have grown steadily. It is hoped that the two companies will continue to develop the photovoltaic systems on the basis of previous cooperation and help develop the Australian photovoltaic industry to reach new heights.

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