CHINT Singapore Realized Cross-Border E-FAT

CHINT Singapore

The pandemic has disrupted regular business in most of the world in the past two years. When customized equipment needs to be inspected by the customer before leaving the factory, traditionally an on-site factory acceptance test will be conducted. The delays in customer approval will inevitably affect the project completion progress for the end-user.

To respond to the customer’s needs, CHINT Singapore adopted the innovative Electronic-Factory Acceptance Test (E-FAT) to first verify equipment specifications and conduct customized tests that reflect customer usage scenarios. Through virtual connectivity with engineers on-site, customers can fully verify the status of the products and tests in real-time without flying to factories overseas, improving customers’ purchasing efficiency, and bringing them a positive buying experience.

And most recently, the CHINT Singapore HV team and customer participated in an E-FAT at the CHINT transformer production line. In order to ensure a real-time experience with the customer, we put up the detailed measurements from instruments, status, and video of the equipment in the testing environment on the near 360-degree LED screen, ensuring the entire E-FAT process is smooth and transparent.

CHINT Singapore HV team and customer participated in an E-FAT

In the E-FAT, customers were able to verify the performance and quality that were specified by observation of the parameters that were recorded on calibrated instruments. These checks ensured that the equipment purchased such as the oil-immersed transformers, dry-type transformers, and gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) will perform reliably and with minimal environmental footprint. The factory and the local team carried out the tests based on procedures and standards one after another and the owners were happy with the final results. 

In the post-epidemic era, the construction of new infrastructure is rapid with digitalization becoming a priority for enterprises to deliver high-quality solutions for a smarter world. With the new mode of E-FAT, CHINT Global will utilize it when needed to improve the efficiency and convenience of factory acceptance to empower the industry.

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